Hermione Hair.

2013-08-31, at 15:28:33
I decided to sleep with my hair in braids last night,
big mistake! I currently have my hair in a pony tail to make it a bit more manageable,
but it's still fluffy and just everywhere!
I have to go soon, going over to Emmi's for some food and a movie, and then we're going out tonight.
See, today it's Ancient Fires night (according to Google Translate, at least),
which basically means teenagers go out to drink and watch fireworks.
We're just going out to socialise and watch fireworks though, at least there'll be no drinking for me.

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BriBry - Adventure Time.

2013-08-31, at 11:38:26
Starting your morning with BriBry's music has got to be the best thing ever,
he's such a talented musician and youtuber, and he's Irish!
If I lose my head again, please remind me that I have nothing
And I'd be nowhere without you to protect me
If you can't reach me again, well you are my only friend
You'll find me at the bottom playing guitar badly
Life's a game to me, but with only one controller
And he's unhappy

So please, please, please won't you join me
Until the very end
It's adventure time again

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Naildesign: Strawberries.

2013-08-30, at 20:32:08
Here are the nails I painted on Malin today,
and as you can probably see, I'm still rubbish at painting other people's nails.
I like doing it, though, because it gives you a chance to bond for a while and of course,
I get to practice painting other people's nails.

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Broadchurch Night.

2013-08-30, at 19:37:11
Mum and I decided to watch the remaining episodes of Broadchurch online,
because we don't feel like waiting a week between each episode, so that's what I'm up to right now.
I spent the first episode with Ben & Jerry, because ice-cream solves everything.

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Mein Schatz.

2013-08-30, at 16:42:49
Extremely faked smiles.
Malin left a while ago, after I had finished painting my nails.
We went on a slight Troye Sivan obsessing spree, I'm going to miss fangirling with her!
For those of you who don't know, she's going abroad as an exchange student for a year, and today was the last time I had the chance to see her because she leaves early tomorrow morning.
Words can't describe how much I'll miss her, especially her hugs (she gives the best hugs).
But a year passes quickly, and I'm sure she'll have an awesome and eventful year.
I'm so proud of her, because I'd never dare to go as an exchange student for a whole year! 
(Especially not to a German-speaking country.)
Mein Schatz. <3

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1D Tattoos With Tyler Oakley.

2013-08-30, at 09:00:02
It has finally happened, Troye and Tyler have finally made two videos together!
They're so utterly, terribly cute that I could literally feel my heart melt while watching the videos.
Tyler and Troye: Get married already!

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2013-08-29, at 22:13:45

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Chilling with The Doctor.

2013-08-29, at 19:36:32
Even though I keep my hair in a pony tail, it's still everywhere. #longhairproblems
Malin and I decided that I'll paint her nails tomorrow instead,
so I've been chilling with Doctor Who the whole evening.
In art class today, we got a booklet with a bunch of information on different building styles throughout history,
and then we had to walk around town picking out three houses to identify the style of.
Maybe it'd be a bit easier if all of the styles didn't look the same. Just a suggestion.

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Directioner? You must be crazy!

2013-08-29, at 18:06:12
Loius tomlinsone | via Facebook
I don't think there's a single person in the western world who doesn't recognise the boys in the picture above.
So it's quite sad that they're fans are being even more hated on than the band itself.
There are so many people who are closet-Directioners, because confessing your love for One Directions could even make you lose a "friend". I'm not a Directioner, and I'm not saying this because I'm ashamed of them or something, I enjoy their songs and I think they're cute - I'm just not a hardcore fan.
If you say you like One Direction,
there are generally two reactions people can have:

1. "You're being sarcastic, right?"
2. "OK everyone... step awaaaay from the crazy person!"
I hate that it has to be this way, and people discriminating against One Direction and their fans should really
stop for a second and think about how it would feel if anyone insulted their favourite band.
Honestly, if you have nothing nice to say, don't open your mouth.

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Lady Gaga - Applause (Official).

2013-08-29, at 10:12:53
This song has been stuck in my head ever since it came out, and I'm getting mighty tired of it.
Good morning lovelies,
I'm currently in school and will remain so for another five hours. Lovely!
After that I'm going to paint Malin's nails before she goes to Austria. :)
Have a lovely day!

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A wild TARDIS appears.

2013-08-28, at 22:07:04
The Doctor decided to pay me a visit,
and accidentally left the TARDIS behind. What an unfortunate mistake!
I guess it'll stay there for a while, until he decides to retrieve it.
I'm going to bed now though, I have 8 hours of school tomorrow to look forward to!
Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the basilisk bite!

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1D sweets.

2013-08-28, at 15:11:31
Mum and dad bought me some One Direction sweets they saw in the store,
just for fun. They're cute and all, and it's great that they're suitable for vegans and contain no artificial colours,
but spoiler alert: They're disgusting. :s

They taste really artificial, and somehow manage to taste both sweet and sour at the same time.

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No Church In The Wild.

2013-08-28, at 09:31:42
The soundtrack from The Great Gatsby (not just the songs, the actual background music too) is amazing! 

Good morning everyone,
I have a free period now so I ran to the store to get myself a latte,
I was up a bit late yesterday, working on some school stuff and working on a gift,
so I'm absolutely knackered today.
How's your morning been so far? Are you feeling alert and refreshed? :)

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Ravenclaw Yule Ball, on Polyvore.

2013-08-27, at 18:45:08
Ravenclaw Yule Ball.
Ravenclaw Yule Ball. by melody-moonchild featuring formal dresses
I just got back from driving school,
and I'll be spending the rest of the evening with a health project I'm doing with Emmi that's due tomorrow,
because Emmi won't be home from dance practice until late this evening soooo I have to write two more pages on allergies in media.
We were also photographed in school today, but since you always end up looking like a lunatic on your school photos, I don't know if I even want mine...
You've gotta love school.

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Miley Cyrus, The VMA Performance.

2013-08-27, at 14:01:23
I think most of you have probably already seen pictures or videos from Miley's performance at the VMA's,
but if you haven't, here you go. Have your childhood ruined (if you, like me, grew up with Hannah Montana).
Seeing this feels awful, because she used to be someone I actually respected and liked.
Now she just looks like a crackwhore belonging on the street.
Is this some kind of late teenage rebellion?
I know things rarely end well for child stars, but Miley's certainly taking it to the extreme.
I loved her back when she still had her long hair and still could sing,
but I don't know quite how to feel about her anymore.
What do you think about her performance?

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Nicknames vs. Real names.

2013-08-26, at 21:31:46
I've been thinking a lot about nicknames lately,
especially nicknames in relationships. In movies, they always seem to have some kind of tacky 
love names for each other, and I've just been wondering: do people really do that in real life?
Do you have a nickname for your partner?
Because for Christian and me, it's completely the other way around.
He's been called Zota (for some unknown reason...) since forever, and I chose Melody as my nickname many, many years ago. As you've all probably noticed, I never call him Zota. I used to, back when we were just friends,
which is why most of my friends know him as Zota.
I don't have a problem with people calling him that, but in my humble opinion, I think that those who call him Zota are people who don't really know him.
Fangirls, stalkers - and my friends.

I prefer to call him Christian, 
because I think it feels much more intimate, and I feel like I'm speaking directly to his heart.
I also get a special, tingly, feeling whenever he calls me Claudia.
I listen to both Melody and Claudia, but I used to prefer Melody because I didn't like the way Claudia sounded.
Lately, though, I've found out that maybe Claudia isn't that bad after all.
And Claudia fits Christian's last name much better than Melody does. ;)

I do know, though,
that some people prefer to give their partner or their friend a nickname to mark the person as "their property".
I used to give my friends nicknames that only I used, so that people would know I had some special bond
to them, and I suppose that works in a relationship too.
As long as it's nothing overly tacky.
Keep it classy!

So, what's your opinion on nicknames? :)

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Speech - check.

2013-08-26, at 18:09:30
I've been working on my English speech for a few hours now,
and I think I'm finally done with it. It's a tad long, but I'm sure I'll talk a lot faster in class tomorrow.
You always do when you're nervous.
Now I just have my maths homework left, plus I have to study for driving school. *le sigh*

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2013-08-26, at 10:01:56
I'm trying out a new hairstyle today,
with a proper fringe - almost Zoella style. People have been telling me it's cute, but I don't know...
I'm constantly checking that it's not too tight, because then it just looks terrible.
I'm currently sitting in the school library, playing cookie clicker and putting together a post about nicknames vs. real names for ya'll that will be up later today.
I brought my own lunch today, leftover pie from when my relatives visited us.
Good thing I did, because I'm not fond of chicken soup.

Have an awesomesauce day!

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Jack Harries on YouNow.

2013-08-26, at 07:59:29
Jack had a live stream together with Louis and some other people yesterday,
and they gave away a Canon DSLR and a penny board. That's crazy!
They went online at like 11 p.m. Finnish time, so I was up until 12 watching them.
Sadly, I didn't win a camera, or a penny board, but I had a great time anyway!

Jack was sooo handsome yesterday in his black shirt, with his big, bright smile and his borrowed glasses!


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Talk Whovian to me.

2013-08-25, at 21:36:13
Today has been a big day in the life of Melody,
I've actually started watching Doctor Who for real. Throughout my years here on planet earth,
I've seen a few stray episodes here and there of Doctor Who, mainly when it's been on TV,
and I've liked it. But I've never actually sat down to watch the whole series from the beginning
(not the very beginning, because those episodes are positively stone age).
I started from The Parting of the Ways, which is where the doctor regenerates and Eccleston is replaced by 
Tennant. I didn't really feel like watching the episodes with Eccleston, mainly because I think he seems
so... bland, compared to Tennant.
I'm only a few episodes in,
but I've already been reminded at least a dozen times of why I didn't want to watch the series in
the first place. I find the series quite terrifying sometimes, and those who know me can confirm
that I'm easily scared. I hate scary movies, and I really don't understand why I thought watching the
TV-series Hannibal was a good idea in the first place...
I'm also prone to nightmares, so I'm sure I'll be sleeping with the lights on at least a couple of times this winter.
To me, Tennant is the true doctor. Maybe because it's him I've seen the most of.
Maybe because I love him as a person and an actor.

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Surprise food.

2013-08-25, at 16:49:01
Here are three pictures of the delicious food we ate
at Malin's surprise party last Friday. The food was the only thing I really got any pictures of, because
it was so terribly dark in the living room that I couldn't take any pictures of the girls.

Nora baked us some really delicious cupcakes, they were good-looking too!


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Remitocoko - Live Out Loud.

2013-08-25, at 09:20:42
I've been a fan of Rémi for a few years now,
but I have to say: This time he's really outdone himself!
This song is flawless in every single way, and although it's usually quite difficult to get a hang
of his melody in the lyrics, I find it a lot easier with this song than with his old songs.
You can also see that he's clearly gotten a technical upgrade when it comes to recording devices,
cameras et.c.
One question remains though:
Why isn't he famous yet?

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Cookie Clicker UPDATE.

2013-08-24, at 19:04:47
I just noticed that there was an update for the cookie clicker game, and look!
It's epic
Try the update >here<.

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Aboriginal Coasters.

2013-08-24, at 13:57:24
One of our relatives brought us these,
coasters from Australia. She lived there for a long time with her family,
but they recently decided to move to Sweden.
Personally, I wish they would've stayed in Australia for a while longer so we
would've had time to visit them there, but I'm sure they're happy living in Sweden.
Have you ever been to Australia? :)

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Cookie Clicker.

2013-08-24, at 12:06:00
Click >here< to play the game.
all you have to do in this game is to click a cookie and upgrade your objects with the cookies
you make. Once you've upgdaded your objects a bit, you won't even have to click the cookie anymore,
because it won't really make a difference if your objects are already making 20.000 cookies/second.
All you have to do then is to keep the tab open. I have a friend who kept her laptop on all night,
with the cookie clicker tab open, just to be able to buy a time machine.
(That's how addictive this game is)

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My One True Love.

2013-08-24, at 10:18:52
This is probably the cutest video of Joey I've ever seen,
and I totally want to move to Tanya's parents' house! The cat pavillion was so cool,
the pond was amazing and the chickens were the fluffiest and cutest chickens ever.
I'd probably be just as fascinated as Joey if I went there!

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Bottle vase.

2013-08-24, at 07:35:22
Dad gave me an old bottle to put my plastic rose in,
because having flowers in bottles is the most gorgeous thing ever!
I don't know how much I'll be able to post today,
because my relatives from Sweden are here. They're going to be here the whole day,
and some of our Finnish relatives will also pay us a visit.
They're celebrating dad's 50th in advance, since he won't be home on his birthday.

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"New" design!

2013-08-24, at 07:16:35
I changed my design a bit, as you might have noticed.
The background of the content is now white, which means it's a lot easier to read (I hope),
and it's a lot easier to make beautiful posts.
Do you like it? :)

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A surprise.

2013-08-23, at 22:48:00
The thing I was going to today was a surprise party for Malin (her mum lured her into town while we broke into her house and prepared everything) that (mainly) Emmi and I organised,
because she's going to Austria as an exchange student next Friday. It hurts so much to know that after next Friday, I won't see her for a year.
Wilma (bottom left), Malin, Emmi and Linnéa (the three people to my right) have really become my homies. They're the people that are always there for me and that always make me laugh. Even though they do get on my nerves sometimes, I love them all very, very much.
Kata also wanted to join the picture, and I sincerely regret not getting to know her earlier.
She's a lovely person, and I'm glad she's happy with JamJam, and that JamJam's happy with her.
I'm definitely not Malin's best friend, that title is entirely Emmi's.
But Malin and I were both teased and left out in primary school, and so we kind of bonded because we were the only kids without friends. Since then we've grown even closer, and now I'm proud to call her one of my absolute best friends.
I love you, girl! <3

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Walk Through The Fire.

2013-08-23, at 15:17:18
I'm going to be a very busy bee today,
but it's also going to be so much fun! I'll tell you later what I'm up to,
and I'll update later tonight when I can.
Have an awesome Friday night everyone!

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Pro tip for book lovers.

2013-08-23, at 12:37:08
I found the best website ever yesterday,
They have a lot of cheap books (Great Gatsby for under 3€, did I die and go to heaven?!),
and they have free shipping worldwide. Seriously, how amazing isn't that?
I also looked at a few books by John Green, and The Fault In Our Stars is cheaper as a hardback on the site than it was as a paperback when I bought it here in Finland, that's crazy!

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Vectors, anyone?

2013-08-22, at 19:31:02
I tried to be a responsible student today, 
which means I actually looked over the Maths homework we got today. And it's not even due tomorrow.
I gave up after solving just one single problem though, because I literally don't understand a thing.
If you happen to know anything about vectors, please educate me!
This weekend is going to be a super exciting weekend,
but I can't tell you why just yet. I'll show you later though, but I'll also have to clean my room tomorrow because of it. Not the most pleasant activity I can think of, but with the right music, it's tolerable.
Tonight I'm looking forward to another episode of Broadchurch with my family.
What will you be doing tonight? :)

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Picking up Troye Sivan.

2013-08-22, at 16:23:00
You haven't missed the fact that Caspar also does daily vlogs,
have you? This is by far my favourite, it's soo adorable!
Although I'd probably drop dead if I saw Caspar standing at the airport with a sign saying "Troye Sivan"..

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Word of the Week.

2013-08-22, at 08:57:57

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Naildesign: The Great Gatsby.

2013-08-21, at 17:12:41
Since I had a bit of spare time today, I decided to do something that I haven't done in a very long time;
I painted my nails! Like, properly, not just a single colour, but actual nail-art.
I don't think I've done any nail-art in at least a year, and it really sucks because I remember when I had the time to do nail-art almost every single weekend and I did lots of cool designs on my nails and I was good at it because it was a proper passion of mine, and now I barely even have time to paint them just a solid colour.
It goes without saying that I'm a bit rusty,
but I think it turned out OK. My nails are also a fair bit shorter than I'm used to, because mum was complaining so much about how long my nails were so I just had to cut them.
I feel handicapped now, as always, because I haven't gotten used to the length of my nails yet and my fingers are constantly bumping into things.
Do you like painting your nails? :)

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Don't Send Flowers After I'm Dead.

2013-08-21, at 13:23:48

My mum had gotten a bunch of roses last week,
and she wanted a photograph of them to show her friend how beautiful they were,
so she was trying to snap a few pictures with her digital camera. She looked a bit troubled, 
so, kind as I am, I ran up to get my DSLR and asked her to step out the way so I could take a few "proper" photographs.
As you all probably know, I'm not even nearly a professional photographer, but it's a fact that you generally get better pictures (i.e. better quality) with a DSLR than with a digital camera.

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For Your Love.

2013-08-21, at 05:58:32
I'm thoroughly in love with Josh Record's song at the moment,
he's got the perfect mellow, yet slightly tragic touch, to his songs. I especially love this song,
because as you all probably know by now, I love Love.
It's all for love
It's all for love
I would do anything
For my love
I would do anything
For my love.

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There's green light in my eyes.

2013-08-20, at 22:15:36
Now there's green light in my eyes
And my lover on my mind
And I sing from the piano
Tear my yellow dress and
Cry and cry and cry
Over the love of you
I can't say driving school was all too pleasant today,
I was constantly coughing and I got a terrible headache (that didn't go away with the painkiller I took), and the lesson wasn't very interesting either.
And it all seems like so much effort, for a card I don't even want and won't even need after I move to London.
Because really, who drives a car in a city?!
However, I've decided to go to school tomorrow. At least for a little bit in the morning,
because I have two hours of history and I feel like history is the class that I'm going to fail the most in if I don't go to at least tomorrow's lessons. Then I'm probably going to the school nurse to get an appointment with the school doctor to see if there's something seriously wrong with me or if it's just a regular cold.
I'm so going to bed now though, this headache is killing me and I've been super tired today (even though I feel like all I do is sleep).
Goodnight lovelies! <3

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2013-08-20, at 15:03:14
Tried to make myself look a bit more alive,
because I definitely don't sound or feel it. I'm starting driving school in half an hour though,
so wish me luck!

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2013-08-20, at 13:03:44
Christian recently discovered the cat stickers on facebook. The unicat seems to be his favourite so far,
and he never fails to make me smile with these silly cats. <3
I must say, coughing up green slime isn't really the most pleasant thing I can think of,
but overall I'm feeling much better today and I've decided that no matter what, I will go to school tomorrow.
Because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
The worst thing, by far, about being ill is the fact that I can't sing. I usually sing 24/7, and now it either hurts too much or I just sound like a tone deaf five-year-old.
I have to get ready now though,
because I have to go to driving school today, and I look like a complete and utter mess right now.
So I'll probably try to make myself look a bit more human, and a bit less zombie-like.
How's your day been so far? :)

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2013-08-19, at 22:15:40
I just finished watching the first episode of Broadchurch,
and so far I find it very intriguing. I was very pleased to see David Tennant in one of the leading roles, and David Bradley (Argus Filch from Harry Potter) in one of the smaller roles.
I'm going to bed now though, because sleep cures colds.
Sleep tight!

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Tyler Oakley and Caspar Lee livestream.

2013-08-19, at 18:17:23
Entertainment deluxe when you're ill,
although it's not as fun now that Troye left. For those of you who don't know,
Tyler is celebrating his 1 million subscribers on Twitter.
Sorry for the awful lack of posts today, but nothing much worth mentioning happens when you're sick.
You know.

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Dumbledore's man, through and through.

2013-08-19, at 15:11:00
My cold actually got to the point where I couldn't breathe properly last night,
so when I was supposed to get up and go to school this morning, I still hadn't managed to fall asleep.
Lovely. So today is going to be another Potter day for me.
The film I decided to watch today is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,
which is actually the saddest one, in my opinon.
For the longest time, I thought that Sirius was my favourite character, and it's only now,
7 years later, that I've realised that Dumbledore's actually been my favourite character all along. That's why I just can't stand to see (or read) him die in the Half-Blood Prince.
I don't care if he made a few mistakes when he was young (or when he was old either, for that matter), because he's just human.
People criticise him for deceiving Harry,  "You raised him like a pig for slaughter."
Yes, indeed he did, but what other option did he have? The fate of the entire wizarding world, and Muggle world alike, was depending on Harry killing Voldemort. I think Dumbledore actually did a great job supporting Harry,
apart from maybe in the Order of the Phoenix. I'll admit he made a mistake there, but then again, he's just human.
I know Dumbledore genuinely cared for Harry,
and Harry cared for Dumbledore too. I love how Dumbledore puts his arm around Harry to lead him away in the beginning of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And I genuinely believe Dumbledore knew that Harry wouldn't really die. He's an old, wise man, surely he must have had it all figured out.

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In dreams, we enter a world that's entirely our own.

2013-08-18, at 21:03:52
I haven't exactly done anything today,
but I'm still exhausted and I can barely breathe through my nose,
so I'm actually going to head to bed now to see if I'll feel better in the morning.
I really hope I will, because I really don't want to miss school. :(

Goodnight lovelies! <3

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Autumn Night Out, on Polyvore.

2013-08-18, at 19:30:25
Autumn Night Out.
Autumn Night Out. by melody-moonchild featuring a coral lipstick

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Happiness Can Be Found Even In The Darkest Of Times.

2013-08-18, at 17:08:03
My cold has just gotten worse, so I've decided to spend the rest of my day watching Harry Potter.
I always tend to turn to Harry Potter when I'm ill or vulnerable in any other way, not just because it brings me happiness, but because I was a rather sad and lonely girl when I first got to know Harry,
and when I'm ill, I feel a lot like I used to feel at that time.
Lonely, vulnerable and miserable.
I ended up choosing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,
just because it's one of the films I haven't seen quite as much.
I've seen the first three films many times enough to be able to read along with the lines without any problem.
What do you do when you're sick? :)

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Josh Record - Bones.

2013-08-18, at 11:34:00
Song: Josh Record - Bones.

I am genuinely so thankful that Sawyer Hartman decided to use this song in his video,
for without it, I would never have found this masterpiece. Josh's voice is amazing, and the tenderness in his songs is so touching. I had this song on repeat all day yesterday, it's one of those songs that you never get bored of.
For he has stolen all
All the good that you had
All the things that you loved and were sure of
And I have given less,
Oh, oh, than you deserve
For I should rebuild this broken heart
Oh darling, when your feet are cold
Wait up, I'm coming home
And all of you, I will hold
My love will clothe your bones
My love will clothe your bones
My love will clothe you bones
Stranger to your shield, you will let the devil in
Basking in the depths of your surrender 
The king of all you had, won't let your fear go
When you close your eyes, may you remember
And darling, when your feet are cold
Wait up, I'm coming home
And all of you, I will hold
My love will clothe your bones
My love will clothe your bones
My love will clothe your bones
And darling, when your feet are cold
Wait up, I'm coming home
And all of you, I will hold
My love will clothe your bones

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A frog in my throat.

2013-08-17, at 18:43:26
This morning I felt very sorry for Joey Graceffa,
because I was catching up with the videos I'd missed after school started, 
and he's obviously very sick. The Vidcon virus.
Now I'm the sick one with a sore throat, which I hate more than anything!
I have a few tricks though, when it comes to getting rid of a sore throat:
1. Drink a lot of water, it'll flush the illness out of your system.
2. Drink a lot of hot tea with a lot of honey in it.
3. Get yourself some cough drops that actually work.
4. Buy a throat spray for sore throats.
5. Wear a scarf and try to avoid talking as much as possible.

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2013-08-17, at 17:32:48
1. Answer the challenger's 11 questions.
2. Come up with 11 questions for the people you want to challenge.
3. Challenge 11 bloggers with less than 200 readers/day 
(I'm going to ignore this rule, because there's nooo way I'd find 11 blogs with less than 200 readers to challenge)
4. Tell us who you're going to challenge.
5. You can't challenge the person who challenged you.


1. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Dear Merlin... um, probably Evanna Lynch? She’s definitely quirky enough to play me!

2. If you had to choose; Wear a garbage bag for the rest of your life, or wear a dressing-gown for the rest of your life?
The dressing-gown. Because you could customise it and design it after your liking, right? And probably more comfortable than a garbage bag.

3. Dream profession?
Author, definitely!

Fountain Pen | via Tumblr

4. If you got a cat, what would you name it?
Well... I already have a cat, but if I had another one, her name would be Luna if it was a female and Sirius if it was a male.

5. If you had to tattoo your whole body in just one colour, which colour would you pick?
Can I say skincolour? No? Then I’ll have to say pitch black, because I could sneak around undetected at night. How practical isn’t that? Although I’d probably look kind of freaky...

6. Your favourite song?
Right now it’s James Blunt - Bonfire Heart.

7.If you could be in a TV-series, which TV-series would it be?
Oooh, tough one... I can’t decide between Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries and Young Dracula... Probably The Carrie Diaries, though. Or Sherlock. Or Merlin. Why didn’t I think of those immediately?...

8. Where would you like to be right now?
In Christian’s arms. :(

  | via Tumblr

9. Which famous person would you like to spend a weekend with?
I feel like I really should answer “J.K.Rowling” on this one. But I really, really want to answer “Jonas Gardell,” because I genuinely believe we’d have a lot to talk about, and I could learn a lot from him!

10. Your favourite pattern?
Does Galaxy print count?


11. Tell us something that you think no one knows about you?
no one knows? Gosh... I don’t know if there’s something that no one knows. So I’m going to tell you something that only those who knew me when I was young know: I used to do a bit of acting in primary school. I was only in one play (The Legend of the Four Elements), I had a minor role and I was rubbish.
(Like I said, I'm ignoring the "less than 200 readers" rule)


1. If you could swap lives with a celebrity, who would it be?

2. If you casually leaned against the entrance to Platform 9 ¾ , and you actually fell through, what would you do?

3. What’s your most embarrassing memory?

4. If you could have a dragon, what breed would it be?

5. Snog, Marry, Kill: Johnny Depp, Harry Styles, Emma Watson. (i.e. who would you snog, who would you marry and who would you kill, if you HAD to choose between these three people)

6. Do you believe that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen?

7. Would you rather live on a mountain or in a submarine?

8. If you had the chance to go to space, would you go?

9. If you were offered 10 million dollars, would you accept it, without knowing where it came from?

10. If Google, YouTube, Facebook and all other social medias crashed, would you survive?

11. Are you living your life?

Note: All of the pictures in this post were borrowed from weheartit and tumblr. Apart from Sofie's picture, that one's from her blog. 

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Tutorial: Paper Stars.

2013-08-17, at 09:30:41
I made a tutorial on how to fold the paper stars I used for my jar of dreams,
it's actually very simple and I hope this video will be of use to you.
Some parts are very blurry though, because I wasn't quite used to filming something close up like that,
and I was actually standing with my arm through my tripod to be able to show you what I was doing.

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Cray Cray.

2013-08-16, at 21:21:28
Mum and I just ate some crayfish, which is like the most delicious thing in the whole world.
We were a bit disappointed with these crayfish though, because they were tiny (although they were supposed to be jumbo crayfish), so mum's sending them an e-mail complaining about it. 
Typical mum. :')
About my SD card problem; I noticed that there was a tiny piece of my old SD card stuck at the back of the sloth, so I had to poke it out. One of the metal thingies that connect to the SD card while inserted was bent downwards, so it didn't touch the SD card, so even though I got it to say inside the computer still failed to read it. I had to take a needle and bend the tip into a small hook and then pull the metal thing up so that it now connects with the SD card when the SD card is inserted, so everything works perfectly fine now!
Although I probably shouldn't tell my maths teacher that I've been poking around with a needle inside my computer...

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Get Creative!

2013-08-16, at 18:44:59
The assignment we got in art class yesterday, was to make a "map" of a place dear or meaningful to us.
We can do it however we want to, by drawing, painting et.c, so I decided to use watercolours, because it's something I enjoy. I think they're fun to work with, and it's calming.
So I spent about two hours painting while I watched Never Dry Tears Without Gloves.

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Drawing Finn Harries.

2013-08-16, at 17:23:32
I found this woman on youtube a while ago, and she is insanely talented!
Her drawings really do look like photographs!
She's also made drawings of, for example, Jack Harries, Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter and Harry Styles.
What do you think about her drawings? Would you like to be able to draw like her? :)

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Blogger's Nightmare.

2013-08-15, at 22:25:48
An old gif, because my computer hates me.
I'd taken lots of pictures that I wanted to show you, but of course my SD card slot has stopped working
The SD card doesn't stay in the slot, it pops right back out, and even if I keep it in or tape in, the computer won't read it. This is basically the worst thing that could ever happen (apart from my computer or camera crashing) to a blogger.
I have an old laptop, but it's so unbelievably slow, so I'm really counting on my maths teacher either fixing this problem for me tomorrow, or getting my Chromebook repaired ASAP.
Until then I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep you entertained...
Now I really have to sleep though, good night! :)

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Boats agains the current.

2013-08-15, at 15:25:35
Our geography lesson ended half an hour early today, but we had to wait for art class to start at 2.
When we got there, the classroom was completely full. Turns out, we're about 35-37 people in our art class,
so we got our instructions and then we went home. I'm going to start on my project later, when I'm done studying.
I also had to walk home today, with my shoulder bag full of books.
At one point it actually felt as if I was going to dislocate my shoulder,
and this was really one of those times when you wonder how in Merlin's name you're going to make it home.
But you know you have to. So you beat on, boat against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
Kudos to you if you know where the quote's from. :)

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New in.

2013-08-15, at 12:41:59
Beanie - One Way, Jeans - Gina Tricot, Soap dispenser - Tiger.
I'm so in love with my new Vans beanie.
Hi lovelies, I'm still in school, waiting for art class to begin.
I'll be home in about two hours, and I haven't got anything planned for the day so I'll probably just try to relax.
Or take a nap.
Have a lovely day! <3

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Bleaching Tyler's Hair 50 Shades of Gay.

2013-08-15, at 06:32:10
I'm a bit sceptical about whether this was actually the way Tyler's hair turned purple or not,
because I'm amazed he'd trust Bertie like that.
I was sooo shocked the first time I saw his hair after he bleached it, but I think it really fits him.
He looks like a proper Tumblr boy now. ;)
Btw, people have been telling me they're addicted to youtubers now, because of my blog...
Welcome to my life!

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Creeping tiger, on Polyvore.

2013-08-14, at 21:43:16
Creeping tiger.
Creeping tiger. by melody-moonchild featuring a green leather purse
I came home from Turku a few hours ago, completely dead.
I pretty much feel like collapsing in bed right now, but I have a few things to sort out before I can go to bed.
Like answering comments.
Oh well, good night to ya'll! <3

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James Blunt - Bonfire Heart.

2013-08-14, at 15:09:39
This is definitely my favourite song at the moment,
because I'm a big believer in love, and lots of it. I'm a love-junkie. ;)
Nah but, I genuinely believe that love is the most important thing in this world, and without it (any form of love), you're nothing.

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2013-08-14, at 14:24:19
Finally home again after my first real day back in school,
and I'm completely knackered. Half of our choir decided to drop out, so I'm the only alt left in the choir
(apart from Gustav who can pretty much sing anything)
I'm going to Turku with Emmi and Malin today, though, because I need a new pair of black jeans.
But first, fooood! <3

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Good morning!

2013-08-14, at 09:28:05
teenager post 2013 - Buscar con Google
Good morning everyone, 
I'm currently in school but I don't have class right now.
The weather here is miserable, it's been raining all morning. At around 6 a.m. it was really pouring down.
How's your morning been so far? :)

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You Light The Spark In My Bonfire Heart.

2013-08-13, at 22:26:02
I'm going to bed soon, because tomorrow is the day when school actually starts.
I'll need all the energy I can get, because tomorrow's subjects are history, geography and health. Woo?
First, though, I feel the need to write a post about how sucky long-distance relationships can be sometimes.
I think our relationship has developed a lot recently, because it's only now (almost a year later)
that we're learning to actually talk to each other, how and when we should talk to each other et.c.
So I'd say we're actually doing very well.
This, on the other hand, leads to me missing him more than I've missed him before.
Because when he's being as adorable as any man possibly can be, I just want to hug him tight and whisper 
"I love you" in his ear, but obviously, I can't do that, because there's a stupid, fudging ocean in the way.

I especially miss sleeping next to him. Although my bed is freakishly small (I much more prefer his bed), and sharing that bed with someone often means little to no sleep because you have to try to sleep in the most uncomfortable position ever, I really miss him being the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.
I even miss his stupid snoring.
It's totally worth it, though, because just a few years from now, I'll get to sleep in his arms every single night.

Days like these lead to
Nights like this leads to
Love like ours
You light the spark in my bonfire heart
People like us, we don’t need that much
Just someone that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts


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Veckorevyn's Blog Awards 2013.

2013-08-13, at 22:02:13
"Time and time again, Kristian ensnares his readers with a graphic language and his beautifully written posts.
He writes about his fight against cancer, about the life he'd so gladly like to live, but won't have the opportunity to. The blog elicits a fair share of tears, but also laughter and smiles. Kristian is honest in his writing, it comes straight from his heart, and he leaves no reader untouched.
Much thanks to Jonas Gardell, I stumbled upon Kristian's blog a while ago.
I don't quite know what to feel, except for terrible sadness because of his destiny.
I don't pity him because he's going to die, because after all, death is but the next great adventure.
No, I pity him because of everything that will be left undone and left unsaid after he passes away.
If you read his blog, you know that there are things he'd like to do that he can't do anymore, because his body has decided to betray him, and that must be the most horrible feeling ever.
There is one thing he can still do, though, with your help.
He can still win Veckorevyn's blog award for "The Golden Pen."
I don't want to be that person, but judging by his most recent blog posts, it might be his last great
If you want to vote for him, click >here< or on the picture.
(You have to be logged onto Facebook in another window/tab)
If you want to visit his blog, click >here<.

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First day of school.

2013-08-13, at 16:11:25
Just came home from my first day of school.
It wasn't too awful. Our principal told us a story about golf balls in a jar,
we had a meeting with our homeroom teacher and then we went home.
I also had a small chat with our principal, and I'll apparently get a course for the music camp I went to this summer.
After school I went to grab a pizza with my friends,
and then we just hung around for a while. I've really missed my gang. <3
We also made Emmi eat a cinnamon jelly bean, she had the same reaction that most of us did 
(Wilma was the only one who seemed completely oblivious to how horrible they are).
Seriously, don't ever eat the cinnamon flavoured jelly beans. Ever.

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The Psycho Fan Prank.

2013-08-13, at 08:54:00

I discovered this prank video yesterday, and I was seriously laughing so much!
Maz' reaction is priceless, and this was actually a really good prank!
Youtubers should know not to trust anyone at vidcon. ;)
Have you ever been the victim of a proper prank like this? :)

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Ready for school!

2013-08-12, at 20:34:32
Sooo I finally got my school books! (Obviously the notebooks in the picture aren't my schoolbooks,
I just couldn't be bothered with taking a photo of my books because they're not particularly interesting).
They'd fudged something up at the bookstore, and gotten my last name wrong, so I didn't get any indication or notification that the books had arrived. I had my mum call them today though, and luckily my books were in the book shop, ready to pick up.
I was worried that I'd have to start school without my books,
but now that everything's sorted I feel much better. All that I need now is my new school bag,
but it'll probably take a while to get it shipped from the US.
I know most of you Swedes don't start school yet, but are you prepared for school already? :)

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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.

2013-08-12, at 15:04:42
I had a little too much spare time this morning, so I decided to do a 20's inspired look with a gentle cut-crease on a champagne base. The beauty mark was there from before, I just enhanced it a little bit.


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The best thrift haul ever.

2013-08-12, at 12:43:01
I am officially jealous of this woman. A Vera Wang dress for $1.75.
Why don't we have thrift stores like that here in Finland?!

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Pyjama Day.

2013-08-12, at 10:01:52
I love Whiskey to death, but I don't exactly appreciate it when he comes into my room in the morning, meowing as if he's dying, and then decides that my bed is the perfect place to spread out on.
I especially don't appreciate it when I five seconds later have to toss him off my bed when he's got his teeth sunken into my wrist. 
Today is my last day before school starts,
and it's pouring down outside so I guess I'm continuing my trend of letting the last day of summer break be a pyjama day. (Unless it decides to stop raining later today. In that case I'm totally going out cruising with my friends). I also got a text this morning which reminded me that I start driving school next week,
which kind of freaked me out because I'm quite reluctant to this whole
"Melody's going to learn how to drive"-thing.

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Mary Celeste Live @ Marine Bar & Grill.

2013-08-11, at 20:32:16
I swear, there's a drummer hiding somewhere behind the others, I just couldn't catch him on camera.
Mary Celeste rocked yesterday, they both looked and sounded really professional.
(Mikko keeps complaining about how they fudged up this one song but honestly, no one cares!)
The only thing they could improve is time management and finding out for how long they're supposed to play.
They were finished at around 9 and started packing when an employee told them that they were supposed to play until 10, so they had to continue with a more karaoke-like sound (some of the members of the other band, Sinister Glitter, that also played that night pitched in and helped to keep the music going until 10)
Overall it was a really nice evening with some really cool music. You should totally listen to their music on >Soundcloud<!

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Feeling a bit off.

2013-08-11, at 14:14:02
Cozy night a few days ago.
I had a great time at the gig last night, and it was so nice to have almost all of my friends in the same place again. My feet are completely covered in band-aids now though, because I wore my Jeffrey Campbell's yesterday. They're so comfortable to walk in, the only problem was that we did a lot more walking than I expected us to, so my feet were completely covered in blisters by the time I got home. 
I feel a bit off today, so I'm probably going to stay home today, even though I was supposed to go cruising with JamJam. I'll upload pictures from the gig later today!

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Leopard + Camo.

2013-08-10, at 17:13:18
Wiie, I'm off to my friend's gig now!
Being fierce with my leopard dress and my camo jacket, haha! But I have a feeling it's going to get cold, 
so it's safer to bring a jacket than to freeze to death.
I have to rush now though, love chu! <3

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Green Day + Doctor Who = True.

2013-08-10, at 14:56:48
This is utter perfection!
I just spent a few hours talking with my friend, who just broke up with her girlfriend,
so I went and bought a Ben & Jerry's ice cream and we just sat on this huge rock and talked for a few hours.
I think I' really needed that too, I've missed her a lot lately and it was so nice to just hang out,
and it felt just like old times.

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Leopard Backpack.

2013-08-10, at 09:57:09
Sadly, I didn't order the galaxy backpack, because it would've been shipped from Hong Kong and taken a long time to create in the first place.
>This bag's< from the US, so the shipping was more expensive than the bag itself, and we'll probably have to pay a bit more still for it to go through customs. But it's worth it, because it's gorgeous too!
And if you look closely, it seems like it's made out of some kind of fuzzy fabric.
Mel loves!
What does your dream school bag look like? :)

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"Long-distance relationships aren't real relationships."

2013-08-09, at 18:43:37
What I'm going to write now is something I've already kind of talked about, but I just really feel the need to write it again because of recent events, and it just makes me so very angry when people make rude remarks about this topic.
As you all probably know by now, I went to visit my grandma last weekend. I love my grandma lots and lots,
but I couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed while I was there.
It all started when I told mum I'd just check if Christian was awake, and my grandma wondered who he was.
Mum proceeded to tell her he's my boyfriend, and my grandma laughed.
I don't know why she laughed, maybe she laughed in a good way,
but quite frankly: I don't care why she laughed.
Because I don't think our relationship is a laughing matter.
Our relationship is just as real as any other relationship, if not even just a tiny bit more real, because it's not exactly a piece of cake to make a long-distance relationship work.
I fought long and hard to be able to call him "mine", and at first I was terrified to admit that I loved him,
even to myself. But then I plucked up the courage to tell him I liked him as something more than just a friend, and he was sooooooo slow at first (no offence, love, you really were), but then he finally understood what I meant and we finally started getting somewhere.
He is the best thing that's ever happened to me, he's definitely my better half,
and I love him so much more than I'll ever be able to explain.
People seem to think it's funny that I can't get any guys in my area, but I think it's funny that they don't
seem to understand that I don't want any guys from my area. Because I don't want anyone else but Christian.

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Jacksgap Twin Teleport Prank.

2013-08-09, at 15:44:20
I'm so glad I checked Twitter today, because otherwise I would have missed this completely.
This is truly genius, and Finn and Jack performed perfectly. They were perfectly timed and put on a believable show. The only think that I'd like to acknowledge is that their voices sound different. A lot different.
And they don't really look very much like each other at all.
They're, by far, my favourite twins in the whole wide world, though.
Have you seen any of Jack and Finn's videos? Do you like their videos?

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The Perfect backpack.

2013-08-09, at 12:48:01
I've been thinking about getting a new school bag for a while,
because I realised I can't keep carrying my books around in my shoulderbag, because they're so heavy that you pretty much feel like your shoulder's breaking. 
I spent the morning reading The Fault In Our Stars (beautiful book, really. John Green is definitely added to my list of my favourite authors) and then proceeded to start looking around the internet for backpacks.

I found a few backpacks that I kind of liked,
but kind of didn't, and those that I really liked were too expensive.
So I decided to google "galaxy backpack" and voilà! There it was, the perfect backpack!
It's not even very expensive. The only problem is, it has to be shipped from Hong Kong and you have to pay with paypal. But all I know is that I need this backpack!

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New category: My Weekly Word.

2013-08-08, at 22:04:26
I've recently started reading a lot of English books again, and I usually (depending on the author,
of course) encounter a lot of quirky words that only native speakers could possibly know unless they look them up. Since I'm not a native speaker, I usually have to look them up.
Therefore I've decided to create a new category where I look up a word every week and explain it to you in a post (in English though), so that you and I can extend our vocabularies together!
Because I feel, somehow, that Thursday is the day when I'm the most sophisticated and intelligent, I decided that Thursday would be the day for my weekly word.
Does this seem like a good idea? :)

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The Fault In Our Stars.

2013-08-08, at 17:51:42
Some of you might remember that I bought The Fault In Our Stars a while ago,
but I actually haven't gotten around to reading it before now. I'm about halfway through, and this really is one of those "Just ONE more chapter... *two hours later, at 3 A.M.* ... fudge." books that I love.
You feel so close to the characters, and Augustus sounds positively edible by the way he's described in the book.
I've had so much spoiled about this book,
that I know that there are going to be lots and lots of feels involved, and I really don't know if I'm up for it after reading Never Dry Tears Without Gloves. But it's such a wonderfully written and amazing book so far, that I really can't stop reading.
I'm so going to be up at 3 A.M. sobbing like a child, aren't I?

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Confession time.

2013-08-08, at 12:50:42
This has really been bugging me lately, because so many people around me have been using the :P smiley and I honestly can't stand it. Not because I think it's annoying, or childish or anything.
It's just that when I'm typing out a loooong, deep message, I really don't want to see that fudging smiley in your reply. Because it makes me feel like you're not taking me seriously or you're making fun of me and my opinions.
Protip: If someone says they don't like the :P smiley, please, for the love of Merlin,
don't reply with "Okay :P" 
Are there any smileys you can't stand?

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Coming Out.

2013-08-08, at 11:04:18
Troye Sivan made a huge decision yesterday when he decided to post his new video,
because it's his "Coming Out" video. Never in a million years did I think he'd be gay, I've always thought of him as this brilliant, handsome youtuber that never fails to make me laugh - and guess what? That's what I'm always going to think of him. 
He could announce that he's an alien, and I still wouldn't think any differently of him.

It's so endearing how much support he's gotten from all of his viewers, not to mention 
all of the other youtubers. Tyler, Jack, Finn, Marcus, Bertie and many other youtubers have expressed their respect for Troye on Twitter, and #WeAreProudOfYouTroye was actually trending on Twitter last night.
I couldn't be more proud of him! <3

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DIY Room Decor: My Favourites!

2013-08-07, at 20:45:07

while ago, while I was making my jar of dreams, I mentioned that I was going a bit crazy over DIY room decor videos on youtube, and >Sofie< requested that I'd give you guys a few tips on the subject,
so I decided to put together a playlist of my favourite DIY videos on youtube.

So far there are only 6 videos in my playlist, but I will definitely be adding more later on!
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! :)

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2013-08-07, at 15:19:49
I'm so very sorry for the lack of updates today, but there's a terrible thunderstorm raging right now,
and I don't have very much battery left on my phone. There was a really loud bang earlier today,
and Whiskey jumped about a metre into the air. Apparently, Malin's lamp exploded too. And I saw some form of electric flash in my room but I'm not exactly sure from where it came.
So I ended up unplugging everything electronic.
I hate thunderstorms, with a passion. I especially hate having my room on the top floor during thunderstorms.
It means I die first if lightning strikes our house.

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Purple Morning.

2013-08-07, at 11:48:12
Good morning everyone!
I'm currently sitting here with a cup of coffee (I needed something stronger than green tea this morning),
and I'm trying to watch all of the vlogs and videos from Vidcon. Which is quite a humongous task,
because with that amount of daily vloggers in the same place at the same time, there are a lot of vlogs to watch.
I'm only watching my favourite vloggers, though, like FunForLouis, Joey Graceffa, Marcus Butler
(did you know Marcus recently started making daily vlogs too?) et.c.

After I've finished stalking all of my favourite youtubers, I'm going to peek through last year's 
English books and fill in the exercises that I haven't filled in yet. I feel like I haven't used English even nearly enough this summer, so I'm trying to cram in a bit of studying before school starts again.
By the way, I almost had a heart attack yesterday when Christian told me the reason he hadn't replied for a while was that he was at the ER. Honestly, that man is going to kill me one day... 
But he's fine now (well, at least according to him), and I don't ever want to experience that kind of panic ever again.

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The new Doctor Who.

2013-08-06, at 21:58:56
If you're a Whovian, then you've probably already heard the news. Or if you're just a Tumblr addict.
Or if you've checked any news site lately. But if you're one of those who haven't, then I'm glad to announce that 
the new Doctor has been revealed! It's Peter Capaldi, and, although he's a lot older than Matt, I can really see him as the Doctor.
I'm still not a Whovian though, I don't have time to get tangled up in yet another TV-series.
But I'll watch it someday. When I have the time.

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What's in my mouth?! Bertie Bott's edition!

2013-08-06, at 19:04:10
It has finally happened, my two favourite American youtubers have finally made a collab 
and it's flawless! They're both so funny and so sassy and so cute, and this is a "challenge" that I'd love to try.
Unfortunately, I'd have to go all the way to London to get my hands on a packet of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. We have jelly beans here, though, but they're not quite as extreme. Some of them are quite vile (like cinnamon...), but most of them taste OK.

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Ponder this.

2013-08-06, at 13:21:15
We've got a new fountain-thingy in our pond now, and the rhubarb leaf bird bath is back in action.
Started my day by cruising to the store on my board, for some quick grocery shopping. 
Apparently, mum doesn't like it when I take my board to the store because the hill on the way there is 
"dangerous." Sure, you pick up a lot of speed and the road is full of bumps and holes and cracks, 
and there's a sharp left-turn at the bottom, but I've cruised down that hill many times before
and I'm still alive.
My aunt is visiting right now, but they just left to go to some garden center to pick up some flowers and whatnot. So I took the opportunity to film a quick tutorial on how I folded the stars that I put into my jar of dreams.
I haven't edited it yet, though, but I'll try to get that done today too.
Have a lovely day!

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Nice comments.

2013-08-06, at 10:20:00
I love getting nice comments like these, they just brighten up your whole day!
I've been really lucky, because I've hardly ever gotten any hateful comments (just a few comments a while back,
and the funny thing is - I know exactly who they were from), but I suppose that's something you have to learn to handle too. Unfortunately.
People really should learn that if you've got nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut. 
Because words can hurt more than you think, even though it's "just" through a computer screen.

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Posters galore.

2013-08-05, at 12:49:51
I'm currently trying to fill up the space behind my make-up cabinet with posters,
because I think the cabinet looks so out of place standing tall and alone in the middle of the wall.
Luckily my friend gave me a Hunger Games poster a while ago (thank you Emmi! <3).
The poster's in Finnish, but I don't mind, because I don't think any THG fan could ever miss that the girl on the poster is Katniss Everdeen.
Mum and dad are currently making gherkins downstairs, and the smell is horrendous.
I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of time outside today...

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Part 6: I did not die.

2013-08-05, at 11:10:39
The final part, part 6, of my Sherlock fanfic. 
>Part 1< >Part 2< >Part 3< >Part 4< >Part 5<

Sherlock was watching John from a distance. He was hiding behind the bush this time, so that it would be easier to sneak up on John if need be. He was frightened, because for the first time in his life, he could hear his heart speaking. It told him to reveal his presence at the graveyard, to let John know that he was alive, but his rational mind told him to wait a little longer, he still had some matters to tend to. He was also afraid that, however much John cried for him now, he'd be angered to know Sherlock had betrayed him like this, and Sherlock couldn't bear the thought of losing his friend again.

John was talking to his tombstone, and Sherlock tried to will the little old lady a few tombstones down to go away. John quickly solved that problem for him, though, by very loudly exclaiming "Oh bugger!" The lady gave him a weird look and waddled away. It was another headache that pained John. Sherlock knew that the same way he knew John was currently at the verge of tears. His stance and his right hand rubbing his temples told him everything. Sherlock took one step forward, but immediately regretted it and withdrew back into the shadows.

It seemed as if John was trying to gather up the courage to do something, it was fairly obvious. "What I'm trying to say, Sherlock, is that - is that..." His voice cracked. Sherlock waited patiently, eager to know what John knew within his heart.

"THAT I BLOODY LOVE YOU!" he cried. Sherlock's shoulders relaxed, and he whispered ever so quietly, "I know, my dear. I've known it all along." John sat down next to the tombstone, and Sherlock really had to restrain himself. He enjoyed watching John sit there, though. His mind was content with just seeing his old friend, but his heart yearned for something more, and he felt it within his bones that this was the final battle - the battle where his heart would win, once and for all.

It was almost sunset, and John Watson stood up to leave. Sherlock's heart leaped in his chest as he realised it was now or never. The perfect moment provided itself when John turned to face his tombstone one final time, and started reciting the old bereavement poem.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep" John's voice carried all of the pent-up emotions he'd cradled for three years now.

Sherlock seized the opportunity to step out behind the bush and approach John. His heart was beating loudly in his chest, his own body betraying him, but still he managed to keep his voice steady. "I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow."

"No, it's not possible..." John exclaimed. He sounded shell-shocked, and Sherlock didn't blame him.

He proceeded to take a few steps closer to John as he continued the poem, "I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain." He noticed John was fighting the urge to turn around, possibly afraid of what he might see if he did.

"You're dead, I saw you fall!" John's military posture was back in place, his shoulders tense, which indicated great emotional turmoil, judging by the anger so clearly noticeable in his voice. Again, Sherlock didn't blame him.

Still, didn't let it dishearten him, "When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush." He knew John wouldn't reject him.

"Of quiet birds in circling flight, I am the soft starlight at night." John jumped slightly when Sherlock accidentally stepped on a few dried leaves left from last winter.

"I'm just imagining things again..." John sounded almost as if he wanted to believe it was just his imagination. Perhaps it had been easier to accept his death than it would be to accept that he was back.

Sherlock leaned in closer to John, after three years deprived of any contact with his friend, he needed the intimacy. "Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die." Sherlock heard the tiniest crack in his own voice, and he knew John had heard it too. John knew for certain that Sherlock was real now, and so he turned around.

John's proud moustache shocked Sherlock, he would later admit, but it was only natural that John would get a moustache. For weeks after Sherlock's death, John had been too numb to bother with mundane things like shaving, and after he'd finally snapped out of it, he'd wanted to show the world he was no longer the man he used to be. That he was scarred. That he was broken. That he was a thousand years older and wiser than before.

He wanted to make John realise that he'd never left, so he told him about the clues. Sherlock could see the cogs turning in John's head, and his expression of realisation as he finally seemed to understand everything. The morse code. The candle. Everything. There was nothing Sherlock could do but to hug John, as tightly as possible. He was so glad he didn't have to hide anymore, that he'd gotten his friend back and that he'd soon be working again. God he'd missed his work.

"I have one question though..." John asked thickly. Sherlock hugged him just a little bit tighter, because apparently that's what you do when your friend is worried or scared. "Yes?" he said.

"Are you coming home now?" Sherlock burst into a big grin, a genuine one, because yes, he was finally coming home again. "Yes!" he answered, without hesitation, laughing a relieved laugh.

They walked out of the graveyard hand in hand, since Sherlock could sense John still needed him as an anchor, to know that it wasn't just a dream, to know that he was really back for good now. While they walked, Sherlock told John about what he'd been up to during his three years of death. He told him that he'd sorted things out, that he was able to come back to the world of the living again. John didn't know how he'd done it, but apparently Sherlock had cleared his own name, all while being dead. They walked that way for a while, until they found a cab, which they quickly jumped into.

"221B Baker Street," Sherlock told the cabby. Then, in retrospect, he faced John and added, "I know you haven't been staying there, but you haven't actually moved out, have you?"

"I... I couldn't go back to the flat after you, um, you know... Too many memories, I was flooded by a tidal wave of emotions as soon as I got anywhere near that place. But technically, it's still ours, yes. And all of your things are still there, Mrs. Hudson wasn't able to donate them anywhere after all, because of their sentimental value."

"So neither of you have sold or donated anything?" Sherlock sounded happily shocked as he caught John's eyes, seeking confirmation. London was rushing by outside of the cab windows, but Sherlock didn't care. His world, right now, revolved around John Watson, Mrs. Hudson and his flat. Soon enough, it would expand to Lestrade, work and London.

"Not a single eyeball. Well, apart from your money. It was donated to some charity, I'm sure they were very thankful for the generous amount." John sounded a bit concerned, he barely had enough money to get by, and he had no idea how he'd make it if he had to feed Sherlock too. Not that he ate, anyway, but the man had other expensive habits. He was determined to make it work, though.

Sherlock laughed, "I didn't need that money anyway. I'm sure the British Heart Foundation will put it to good use. Besides, I don't think Mycroft will complain about lending me some money until I can start working again."

John's jaw was hanging open, "How did you?... nevermind. I'd almost forgotten how remarkable you are." He smiled a happy smile that, for the first time in three years, even managed to reach his eyes. "Oh, I almost forgot: I think you'll be pleased to know that Mrs. Hudson kept your skull."

Sherlock smiled an amused smile and shared a knowing look with John, "Really? Did she now?"

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New cover photo.

2013-08-04, at 18:50:25
Isn't it lovely? :')

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Curious about - Jonas Gardell.

2013-08-04, at 14:13:48
I found this amazing interview with Jonas Gardell yesterday, but unfortunately (and quite naturally), it's in Swedish. It really moved me, because he's so young and he's so despairingly in love with life. 
He really was something special, even then, and you could see a hint of the genius he'd one day blossom into.
I'm also so very happy to see that the interviewer doesn't seem prejudiced against homosexuals,
because this was during a time when homosexuals were still considered as killers, because they were spreading AIDS.
"I can imagine heaven as a place where you're no longer tired, where you don't have to fight anymore.
But I'm going to fight. I'm going to fight for as long as I can, and then I'll just have to lie down in the street and just die someday. *smiles* And... when I do die, that's when I'll finally be free from my despair. Or... that's when I will finally have proven my love for this life." 
(Please send help, this man is clearly starting to take over my life.)

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Melody loves: Penny Boards.

2013-08-04, at 12:30:16
After scrolling around the penny board tags on both Tumblr and weheartit,
I've decided that my dream penny board would still be the cheetah printed board I saw in the store before I found my black (cheap) one. Although I certainly wouldn't say no to a pastel purple board.
I'm thinking about just getting a cheetah printed grip tape for my board, though.
Penny boarding's turned into a form of therapy for me, and I know what you're thinking right now;
"But Mel, you've only had your board for a few weeks!"
True that, but I've never felt as free as when I'm cruising down a smooth hill on my board. 
The less smooth and more challenging hills are the ones that give you an adrenaline rush, 
because you know that you're doomed if you fall. That's what really makes you feel alive.
I suppose the beauty of it is that you have to trust yourself, you have to trust that you'll make it around that corner at the end of the hill, because otherwise, you really are doomed.
Do you have a penny board? If you don't, would you ever consider getting one? :)

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A kiss from a rose.

2013-08-03, at 16:02:00

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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die.

2013-08-03, at 13:00:00
You've got to love Lana Del Rey! <3

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Pottermore updates!

2013-08-03, at 10:00:00
Pottermore recently made a few changes in the design of the page,
and added the remaining chapters of Harry Potter of the Prisoner of Azkaban for you to explore.
They also created a very useful bar at the bottom of each moment, which fills up when you find something within the moment. That means you won't have to wonder whether you've found everything!
They added a bunch of new information about characters,
Remus Lupin's bio is said to be very touching and wonderful, although I haven't had the time to check it out for myself yet. I did, however, read Sirius' bio. Because he's one of my favourite characters and all.
(And young Sirius was quite hot)
The artwork is stunning, as usual, and the added sound effects and the person reading the chapters just makes it feel so much more professional and magical.
If you're not a member of Pottermore yet, you really ought to check it out!

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Sherlock Series 3 Teaser Trailer.

2013-08-03, at 08:44:22
One more thing before I go though, the teaser trailer to series three of Sherlock has been released,
and I'm ecstatic! I love Sherlock's silhouette behind the door!
Are you excited for series three of Sherlock? :)

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Good morning!

2013-08-03, at 08:40:32
Good morning lovelies! I'm going away for the day, to visit my grandma, but I have heaps of 
scheduled posts for ya'll, so you'll be fine. :)
It's a lovely summer's morning here in Finland, but after sleeping until noon for most of the summer,
I'm kind of wondering why I'm up this early.

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Skater Girl, on Polyvore.

2013-08-02, at 20:28:27
Skater Girl.
Skater Girl. by melody-moonchild featuring a silver necklace
The title should actually say "Hipster Girl", because the only thing missing are the glasses.
I just spent three hours penny boarding with Malin, which is like the longest time we've ever skated for.
I think we improved a lot, though, and turning doesn't feel as difficult as it used to. We're definitely not ready to try any jumping et.c. yet, but we've found a few nice hills to go down.
I almost crashed into a girl on a moped (because turning on a moped is obviously more difficult than turning on a penny board). Straight after that I almost got pushed off the road by a few guys on their bikes, because I had to turn on the inner side of a curve and they decided they needed to stay on exactly that side of the road.
The weirdest thing ever happened today, though, because every guy who passed us pretty much stared their eyes off at us, and we were soooo confused. At first we thought that we had something weird in our faces, hair or on our clothes, but after we realised we looked completely normal, we thought it might be because of the penny boards. Either way it was definitely weird and very unnerving.

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Secret Lover.

2013-08-02, at 14:53:01
“A relationship is like a rose, How long it lasts, no one knows. Love can erase an awful past, love can be yours, you'll see at last. To feel that love, it makes you sigh, To have it leave, you'd rather die. You hope you've found that special rose, 'cause you love and care for the one you chose.”
- Rob Cella

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Vidcon 2013.

2013-08-02, at 11:34:04
I'd give just about anything to be at Vidcon right now, because literally all of my favourite youtubers are there, both British and American. And South African and Australian. Everyone's there!
I just love the small family that the British youtubers have going on,
and I love how they seem to fly there in small groups.
(Let's just not talk about the suite that Jack and Finn are apparently living in right now...)
I didn't even notice it was Bertie Gilbert talking to Hank Green at 3:49, he's really grown up!

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Summer house.

2013-08-01, at 21:03:36
We went to our summer house to have coffee today, because my dad and my uncle have been there since yesterday, working on the new steps leading down to the beach. Dad's home now though, and the steps are finished (second picture from the bottom).
When I got home, I went for a cheeky penny boarding session by myself, because Emmi's occupied Malin's house so Malin couldn't go penny boarding with me. Sucks to be me, but I still managed to gain a lot more control over my penny board than I used to have. It's so much fun when you realise you're finally starting to get to know your board!

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2013-08-01, at 11:34:49
I don't know why, but Whiskey seems to have some kind of obsession with waking me up in the morning.
He woke me up again half past eight in the morning, by meowing loudly and jumping into my bed.
He also decided that it was very comfortable to fall asleep between my legs (at knee-height, but it was still
uncomfortable because I couldn't turn around or anything, plus it's kind of warm to have a big ball of furr sleeping on top of you).
When the sun started shining in through my window, he moved to sleep on the floor instead because
it must've been terribly hot to lie in the sun. I've now gotten about 4 or 5 hours of sleep,
so I'm a little sleepy.
How did you sleep tonight? Do you have any animals that wake you up? :)

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Total Recall.

2013-08-01, at 07:51:20
Another one of the movies Christian and I watched last time we met. :)

Name: Total Recall.

Release date: 8 August (Sweden), 29 August (UK), 31 August (Finland).

Starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston.

Director: Len Wiseman.

Storyline: A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall - a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led - goes wrong and he finds himself on the run.

My own opinion: I thought the film would be much more mindfucky than it actually was, and I was a bit disappointed. But it was definitely very intriguing and worth watching, with very much action and surprises. It was also very interesting to see what Earth might look like someday, if we continue on like this.

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