Goodbye internet - Hello NaNoWriMo!

2012-10-31, at 21:34:31
Because NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, I won't be online on any facebook pages, I won't be online on emocore and I won't update my blog.

*flexes my fingers* Time to write a novel! :)
Don't miss me too much, and wish me luck! :)

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More Picmonkey

2012-10-27, at 20:00:43

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2012-10-27, at 13:26:09
I played around with Picmonkey today, and I'm so in love with the eyes! <3

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Walking in my winter wonderland

2012-10-25, at 21:02:49
The first snow of the year! <3

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Hanoi Rocks - Don't You Ever Leave Me

2012-10-23, at 21:01:43
Spotify version >here<.

Reading the Michael Monroe biography has really gotten me a lot more interested in Hanoi Rocks. <3

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Swamped with work

2012-10-23, at 20:35:43
I'm so sorry for the lousy updates, but I'm just completely overwhelmed by all the schoolwork I have to get done before November (November kinda crept up on me and ambushed me..)

I'm proud of myself for staying in school to finish a presentation on HIV and AIDS yesterday, and I'll probably have to do the same thing tomorrow, because it's a group assignment so I have to finish everything with my partner.

We had an election debate in school today, and I learned two things:

1. Politicians are very good at answering something completely different than what was asked.

2. Politicians are very good at giving 15 minute long speeches when they were asked a simple yes/no question.

I have to work on an assignment now though, but I'll post what's playing in my headphones in a minute or two. :)

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The softer side of me

2012-10-21, at 16:08:39
I feel that after all the blood and make-up I've been posting on my blog lately, it's time to show you the softer, owl-loving side of me. The owl on the picture is called Frederick (I happen to really love that name), he's from IKEA and I love him very much. If I could own an actual owl though, I'd be happy forever.
Today hasn't been very eventful at all, I've done some schoolwork and been out for a walk. The temperature's starting to drop lower and lower now, and you can see your breath while walking outside. Love it! <3
I still have some schoolwork left today, a few essays that need to be written before November and a speech to write. If only we'd get our school computers already..
Anyway, I'm starting to feel very nervous about NaNoWriMo, November starts next week and I have a ton of stuff I need to do now that I won't have time with then, and I'm still worried about my tests at the end of November. I told myself I'd write the essays during Fall Break, but did I? No.
I'm going to write an essay now, and after that I might watch Water for Elephants.. Or do myself o huge favour and continue reading the Michael Monroe book. Hmm, choices.

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Chris Hemsworth? I don't think so..

2012-10-20, at 21:58:00
Apparently, "Chris Hemsworth" just liked my admin page on Facebook.. The fudge?...

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Silverblue eyes.

2012-10-20, at 18:53:52
I opted for a more toned down look today, since it's my cousin's birthday and all.

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2012-10-20, at 14:56:32
Off to celebrate my cousin, I'll update later! <3

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It's so fluffy I'm going to die!

2012-10-19, at 23:03:21
So. Fudging. Cute!

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But you couldn't see, what I could see..

2012-10-19, at 21:56:05
Christian, I need you to read this.. Look at us in the picture, we're both being incredibly stubborn, but happy.
Now, take yourself out of the picture, what would happen? I'd fall backwards, hit my head on a rock, and die. That's what would happen if you were to disappear. Without you, I'd be desperately grasping for something to keep me from falling.
Without you, I'd be sitting out on this bench, all alone in the cold.

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Nailtutorial: Bloody claws

2012-10-19, at 17:00:28
I started out by cutting them like above, then I strengthened them using the method I described >here<.
That's completely optional though, I just chose to strengthen them because they break easier when you cut them like this.
After you've done that, take a make-up sponge and a red nailpolish, and dab it lightly on 1/3 of the nail, like in the picture above above.
Then take a black polish and dab that over the very tip of the nail lightly.
Take a darker red polish and dab that halfway up the red part of your nail.
Take a semi-transparent red polish and paint it over the red so it creates a bloody look.
Apply a topcoat to blend the colours together and to protect your manicure, clean up whatever nailpolish  you might have gotten on your skin and voilà! You're done! :)
That was easy, wasn't it?

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Skeleton make-up

2012-10-19, at 14:21:45

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Adele - Skyfall Cover

2012-10-18, at 19:57:50
A quite crappy video I recorded about an hour ago, but I just love this song so much and wanted to try it out. :)

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Change your style for a day

2012-10-18, at 12:16:23
We had a fun little twist to our schoolday yesterday, we were supposed to dress in a way we would never dress otherwise.
First I thought of dressing colorful with red jeans and my Crashdïet shirt, but it didn't look very nice and it was too simple et.c, so I chose to go bohemian grunge with a dress and a long, black cardigan and my JC's (not showed in the picture above).
I got heaps of compliments for my dress, and it was nice feeling pretty for a change. :)

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Seeing a spider is nothing..

2012-10-16, at 19:46:53

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2012-10-16, at 17:30:24
Since I'm a fan of riddles, I thought I'd show you a brilliant riddle I discovered yesterday.
So if you think you might have the answer, leave a comment here? :)
And if you have a blog, link that and you'll get a link in my next blogpost.

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Get those claws out!

2012-10-15, at 20:39:49
They're not finished yet, btw.

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Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

2012-10-15, at 18:47:48
Spotify version can be found >here<.
Settle down with me
And I'll be your safety
I'll be your lady

I was made to keep your body warm
But I'm cold as, the wind blows
So hold me in your arms

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Studying with Starbucks

2012-10-15, at 16:17:33
I got to finish math class 20 minutes early today because I was done with all the problems, and I wouldn't get a ride home until 2 p.m. so I went to the store and bought a Starbucks. The first weeks of school (when I had plenty of holes in my schedule) I drank about three of these/week, but this was the first one in ages for me. Dear Merlin I've missed it!
I don't drink ordinary coffee though, it's vile. </3
Anyways, I have some studying to do now before I start with my Halloween-nails, or should I say.. claws?..

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Sex and the City

2012-10-14, at 17:21:42
I read something (I can't even recall what it was I read) today, where it said "All dressed up in", which instantly reminded me of Jennifer Hudson - All Dressed in Love, which reminded me of the Sex and the City movie, so all day today I've felt like watching it.

I was obsessed with SatC two years ago, I was obsessed with New York and I was obsessed with love.
The SatC thing cooled down after a while, even though it's still one of my favourite tv-series and movies of all time, the New York thing took a bit longer before it vanished (I still think NYC seems like a wonderful and inspiring city though,) and London took it's place.
But love's still here. I'm the kind of person who falls in love easily, gets my heart broken easily, and when I love someone - I really love him! 
SatC still makes me feel like my stomach is filled with butterflies, it makes me feel completely giddy and it makes me want to move away from this town, all dressed up in love.
One of my best feelgood-songs. <3

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Autumn outfit

2012-10-14, at 13:39:00
Hoodie -, Leather vest - Carlings, Jeans - Only.
My Jeffrey Campbells have started chafing and giving me blisters, which is annoying and painful as fudge. I have no idea why, but I think they might be too big or something. Bummer, in that case, because JC's aren't cheap and I don't want to throw away 180€.
I guess I'll have to use thicker socks then. :)

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Bedhead, and I'm not talking about Tigi.

2012-10-13, at 19:19:31
The hairstyle I woke up with today, I'm hoping it'll catch on and become fashionable, so of course I had to share it with you so you can be just as fabulous as I am! Enjoy!

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My nailpolishcollection

2012-10-13, at 19:16:34
A reader requested that I'd show you my collection of nailpolishes, so I'll begin by showing you how I store them. In a drawer, completely unorganized, but I always seem to manage to find what I need anyway.
These are all my nailpolishes (and my dead cactus), and as you might have noticed, I don't really own any "fancy" nailpolishes like OPI or China Glaze. I'd love to though, and there are a few polishes in China Glaze's Hunger Games collection that I would kill for!

These are my nailpolishes from Flamar (I think), the three to the left are crackle polishes and the three to the right are Long Wear polishes. The bluish one to the right is the most gorgeous one out of these six, it changes colour depending on the lighting, so sometimes it's purple and sometimes it's a darker shade of green.

Colours from left to right: Black - 677, Reddish brown - 357, Aqua - 657, Sparkly purple - 557, Red glitter - 265, Neon orange - 341, Yellow - 749, Darker pink - 342, Light pink/beige - 251.
These are my MNY (Maybelline) polishes, I personally love these, although they vary quite a lot in quality, texture et.c. I love that you can find them almost everywhere (since it's a drugstore brand), they're cheap, you get a lot of polish for your money, and they come in many different colours. They're all very well pigmented too, so I'll stick to MNY forever when I need a new black nailpolish!

Madriel w152, Carissa w159, Bombay w80, Summer Neon w52, Montana w1, Bellie Up w2.
These are my Wild and Crazy polishes, that I bought from a Finnish store called Seppälä, so I don't know if you can find them anywhere else. You probably can though.
To be honest, I love the pink and purple ones, but the rest are just rubbish. The gold one requires at least a gazillion coats before it looks like solid gold, and the black and white ones had a weird consistency from the very beginning.
These are all very old though, and should probably have been thrown out a year ago or so.
Nubar: Neon Yellow - NAP118, Neon Pumpkin - NAP114, Neon Pink - NAP117, Neon Lime - NAP120.
Rio: Deep Red - 2 (I think), Sparkly Pink - 5 (I think), Greenish Gold - 1 (I think).
I don't use my nail-art polishes very often, apart from when I actually need the colour, like the deep red or the slimy green.
The Nubar ones are very runny in their consistency, and not very well pigmented at all, so they're not something I'd recommend.
The Rio ones I got for Christmas last year, and they're amazing, so no complaints there.

My topcoats and glitter polishes (I have a Vogue glitter polish too, but I'll show you that one later), the two topcoats to the left are both the same, it's the Top 2 Bottom polish by Orly, the one in the middle is a hardener by Thuya, the gold glitter polish is one I created myself and the silver one is a rubbish drugstore one that won't dry no matter how many hours you wait.
I used to have so much trouble with growing my nails long, and I used the hardener all the time for about a year, but now my nails are a lot harder all by themselves so I don't really need it anymore. Plus, you can't have it as a basecoat, because then your naildesign won't dry at all, and if you use it as a topcoat, it takes away some of the intensity of the colours. But as a hardener, it works great!
H&M - My Favorite Jeans, Dermoshop Devoted - Rock, Lindex (I think) - 32, Lindex (I think) - 34, Dermoshop Devoted - Walz, Dermoshop Devoted - Tango.
A few odd nailpolishes, ones that I don't use very much. The Dermoshop ones should also have been thrown out by now, but I'm lazy when it comes to that.
Orly - Witch's Blue, Orly - Hype, Konad - Red, Konad - Black, Konad - White, Nivea - Sugar 01, Happy Colours - 371, Happy Colours - 30.

A few odd polishes, once again. The Orly ones are probably the fanciest ones I own, and the Konad ones are obviously for stamping and the three polishes to the right belong in the rubbish bin.
Wet n Wild - Frosted Fuschia, Mavala - 244 Ruby, Lumene - 18 Farewells, The Color Workshop - H2.

I never use any of these (although I did use the Lumene one for a Bloody Mary design once), and I think they're butt-ugly. Apart from the Lumene one, but it turns a chocolaty brown once it dries.
Vogue Fantastic - Azul Indigo 52, Vogue Fantastic - Amatista 48, H&M - Envy Me, Lumene - 2 Have Fun, Orly - Witch's Blue, Eveline Party Colours - 406.

These are my favourite polishes.
The Vogue Fantastic Amatista one used to be a light purple glitterpolish, but faded into a silver one. I don't mind, it's pretty anyway. H&M's Envy Me is probably my favourite polish of all time, it's such a deep, luscious emerald colour, but sadly I can't find it in the stores anymore. The Lumene polish is on this list because it's amazing, it's very well pigmented and the consistency is amazing!
The blue polishes are very similar in colour, but the Orly one is a bit richer. The Vogue one is a striper though, and I love that because then I don't need a brush for that one.
The silver polish is a very holographic, gorgeous polish, which works great with Orly's Witch's Blue, to create a fabulous Ravenclaw design.

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NaNoWriMo - check!

2012-10-13, at 12:57:12
I just joined the National Novel Writing Month site, which means I'll be writing a novel in November.
Which is scary. Very scary.
I've never attempted to write anything as long as a novel before, and doing it in a month, in a foreign language (yes, I'll be attempting to write it in English), with school on top of that (our testweek is inconveniently enough placed at the end of November)... to be honest, it scares the crap out of me.

I have a feeling I won't have time for anything else than school and writing, which means no Facebook, no blogging, no chatting, no eating, no sleeping, no friends et.c. et.c.
I'll be a total trainwreck by December, but it'll be worth it, because if I manage to finish that novel, and not fail any tests in school, it'll be the greatest accomplishment in my life so far.

Now all I need to do is finish as much schoolwork as possible and plan my novel carefully in October, and hopefully I'll survive November.
Wish me luck!

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Galaxy Note Vs. Galaxy S II

2012-10-11, at 20:28:22
I really want a Galaxy Note for Christmas, but I have quite small hands, and the phone is ginormous, so I have no idea if it'd be a good idea or not.


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Just another tired Tuesday

2012-10-09, at 20:25:56
Monday was spent in school, then a quick nap because of a horrible headache, then I went to Elgiganten with mum and dad because mum's new phone wasn't working. Mum talked about maybe buying me a Samsung Galaxy Note for Christmas, and I can't help but think of all the books I could have instead..
I also found the fridge of my dreams:
Today we got our tests back, 9 in math, 9 in physics and 8+ in psychology, I'm proud!
It could've been better, but since it's a new school, with a new system, and a new way of studying, it could have gone a hell of a lot worse!

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Book fair

2012-10-07, at 19:58:54

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Adele - Skyfall

2012-10-07, at 17:17:20
There's something very powerful about this, and I personally feel like it's the best Bond theme so far, except for maybe GoldenEye. I can't listening to this song, and I think Adele was just the right person for the job!
It'd be amazing to sing this with a big band or a choir backing you up. :3

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I'm trying not to need you, it's tearing me apart

2012-10-04, at 19:17:18
I hate rainy days, I hate the November darkness, I hate headaches.
I hate feeling alone, I hate missing you, I hate feeling so broken.
I hate a lot of things.

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Naildesign: Dare to Dream

2012-10-03, at 18:25:33

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Sweet, sweet Wednesday

2012-10-03, at 17:00:45
I feel like I'll probably become diabetic or something right now, because, as you know (do you? Did I mention it yesterday? I have no idea, stop asking me :c) I baked a mudcake yesterday, which I ate.. a small (huuuuuuuge) piece of today, before mum called me and reminded me that there was a Ben & Jerry's in the freezer...
Sooo after I came home from school (the psychology test went surprisingly well), I spent my day watching HIMYM, painting my nails and eating ice-cream.. and mudcake.. I only ate a bit of the ice-cream though, because I felt like throwing up. ehehe..
Around two p.m. I felt like taking a nap, but when the HIMYM episode ended with Robin saying "I'm pregnant", I ended up watching another episode. And then I took a three hour long nap.
Sums up my day pretty well. :)

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George's first Christmas without Fred

2012-10-02, at 20:50:38
It was the first Christmas George would spend without Fred. The whole Weasley family was gathered in the Burrow, well, everyone except for Fred. The months after Fred's death had been tough on George, and he had isolated himself from the rest of the family, focusing all of his attention into work, so he wouldn't have to deal with his emotions. He hadn't cried, never shed a single tear, he was too numb for that. But now it was Christmas, now there was no work, and now he was surrounded by his family. He could feel all of the barriers he had built up slowly starting to crumble down, but he knew he had to keep up his facade, cracking jokes and keeping a smile on his face. The smile never reached his eyes though, and every time he smiled he was reminded of his twin brother's last smile.
    Everyone in the Weasley family were gathered around the table, crammed closely together, waiting for Molly to serve them the Christmas Dinner. Suddenly a loud bang was heard from the kitchen, and fireworks came rushing through the door, wreaking havoc and knocking over the Christmas Tree, until George tiredly banished them with a wave of his wand. Ginny was giggling, and when she noticed that she had George's attention, she winked at him. He managed a smile back. Seconds later, a fuming Molly Weasley appeared in the doorway.
"FRED! GEORGE! How many times have I told you not to leave your products lying around!" she bellowed, but then suddenly she grew very pale. George, on the other hand, had taken on a sickly green shade.
"I'm sorry, mother, it won't happen again. Now if you all excuse me, I forgot I still have some things I have to unpack. I'm not feeling very hungry anyway, so you can start dinner without me."
George stood up and started walking towards the stairs. The room that had been filled with light chatter and laughter only moments ago, was now absolutely quiet. Everyone's faces were turned against George's back, while Bill went to the kitchen to levitate their food onto the table, and Molly quickly hurried up the stairs after George. The remaining family members exchanged worried glances, and when the food graciously landed on the table, no one made a move for it.
    Molly knocked on the door to the room George was staying in, his and Fred's old room.
"George darling, I'm so sorry," she said when she had slipped through the door. George was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands, "I'm still not used to the idea that he's.. that he's gone." Molly took a stuttering breath.
George looked up from his place on the bed, clutching a Weasley sweater with a big "F" in his hands, pain etched into every line of his face. Molly rushed towards him and embraced him, holding him tightly, sitting down beside him on the bed.
"I don't want him to be dead.." George whispered, his voice cracked, and finally the tears came. Once the dam was broken, there was no stopping the tears. George cried silently against his mother's shoulder until he had no tears left, all while Molly kept stroking his back and telling him that it was ok to cry.
    After what seemed like hours, the two of them descended the stairs. By this time, the others had almost finished dinner already, but they had been careful to leave food for George and Molly. George no longer tried to cover up his pain under a fake smile, but he got many reassuring smiles as he sat down.
"I have some fireworks I would like to show you," George said in a loud, but shaky, voice after they were all done eating, "So I would be glad if we could go outside right now?"
There was an instant noise of chairs scraping against the floor, and they all made their way outside, not quite sure what to expect. After George lit the firework, it exploded in an enormous, golden version of the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes sign against the night sky. As the three W's faded, an even bigger F took their place, glowing red and gold.
Arthur conjured a dozen glasses of butterbeer, Hermione gave George, who had started crying again, a warm hug. Everyone took a glass, Arthur raised his into the air, "To Fred!"
"To Fred!" everyone echoed, and Harry and Ron flung their arms over George's shoulders, still staring up at the gigantic F.
The F glowed in the sky throughout the night, but when the first ray of the morning sun peeked over the horizon, it faded, and George finally lowered his gaze and glanced around the room. Exhausted, he went to bed, but not before he gave Fred's old sweater a hug and said, "Merry Christmas, Fred."

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Water for Elephants

2012-10-01, at 20:37:06
"In Depression-era America, everyone's running away from something. Some people join the circus to escape. Jacob Jankowski hitches a ride on a freight train and in that instant his life changes. By morning, he's landed a job with the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth.
By nightfall, he's in love."

Before I started reading this book, I checked it up on Goodreads, and the reviews frightened me. Most of them were negative. But I must say, I haven't been ensnared like this by a book for quite a while, and I don't agree with the negative reviews at all.
This book is cleverly plotted, and you get completely consumed in the circus world. "You are so immersed in circus life that you are blinded by the thrilling fatal dazzle of sequins and sawdust" - The Telegraph, I really couldn't agree more. Even if you know nothing about circus life when you start reading the book, you'll feel like you've lived in a circus your whole life when you turn the last page.

I'm not going to analyze this book further, I have no interest in that. The only thing I could add is that I absolutely love the language in this book!

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I hate titles

2012-10-01, at 11:28:38
I had my physics test today, and I have no idea whether I'll get a good result or a bad one. I don't have time to think about that now either, because I have to study for my maths test tomorrow and my psychology test on wednesday.
I'm glad I survived the physics test though, that's almost more than I dared to hope for. :)
I finished early and cooked some noodles when I got home, watched some HIMYM and bothered Whiskey.
I'm sure this is all very interesting to read, huh?
I'll stop bothering you now. :)

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