Just a small P.S.

2012-11-30, at 13:32:52
We got our grades today, and I got four 10's, so happy! 
December starts tomorrow, even happier!

My throat is fudged up and we have our choir performance tomorrow, not so happy...

Oh well, that's life.

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2012-11-30, at 07:57:27
Well, this sucks...

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I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.

2012-11-29, at 19:10:42
This is so me! Although I think everyone thinks that they're crazier than everybody else, when actually we're all just equally crazy, just in different ways. If that makes any sense?

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Like a light in the darkness.

2012-11-29, at 18:27:22
The power just went out and it was gone for like.. 15-20 minutes, scary as fudge if you're afraid of the dark! 

Today really hasn't been my day, first Emmi managed to hit me on the nose, then my cat bit me and then I hit my head on my bookcase when I was picking up a book. I've also had a terrible headache all day today. But like I told you, we went skating today and it was wonderful! I've really missed it, and it was nice to see how much I still remember.

During a break in school today, we were working in the Swedish classroom because we had two hours of Swedish, and our headmistress came in with the christmas lights on the picture above and placed it on the windowsill right next to where I was sitting. I felt like a small child, that's how happy I was!

After school I did my homework and then I decided to brew myself a cup of tea and watch The Big Bang Theory, and that's when the power went out and the first thing that went through my mind was "What just happened?" 
Luckily, my dad brought me a torch and I started reading The Hobbit instead.

Tomorrow I have just four hours of school, History and English, and I end at 12. Love it!

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You think there's nothing out there for you.

2012-11-29, at 17:48:21
As I already wrote, I watched Water for Elephants two days ago, and all I can say is wow!
It's a lot different from the book, and I was surprised to see that they've taken away a major character from the story. It was amazing though, just like the book, and I very nearly cried my eyes out in the end. I loved it!

"After his parents' death, Jacob Jankowski is left penniless and homeless. Events lead him to joining the circus as their vet, working under their unstable boss August whose violent tendencies give everyone reason to be cautious around him, including his beautiful and quiet wife Marlena, whom August is very possessive of and who Jacob finds himself soon falling in love with."


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2012-11-29, at 11:19:51
We're going to go skating during PE today, and I absolutely love skating! I used to skate for four years, but stopped because of the teachers, and I lost interest in it because I felt like I wasn't improving at all (much due to the teachers).

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Johnny Depp - the most awesome man on earth.

2012-11-28, at 21:02:00
I found this on Tumblr (originally a series of gif's, I just took a screenshot of them to keep the layout. It doesn't change how gorgeous and amazing he is though) and asdfghjkl this man is amazing! To see how much he values his children's opinions, it's so amazing and inspiring!

He's also the best actor ever, and he's just so utterly, terribly gorgeous!
I love how in the middle of the interview, his accent slides over into British English.
He seems to be uncomfortable with his hair though...

Also, in the interview, he's wearing black nailpolish, which many people made rude remarks on. It was his daughter who wanted to paint his nails, and he let her, and personally I find that absolutely adorable!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

2012-11-28, at 20:35:01
Finally the snow's here, and I really hope it's here to stay this time! Mum's hung up some christmas lights, and I feel like Christmas is on it's way now. I love it!

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Nobody loves you like I do.

2012-11-28, at 20:18:21
For a month now I've been able to call Zota mine, just mine. He's what keeps me sane when I feel stressed, the person who makes me believe in myself. He's everything I never thought I'd want, but that I find myself wanting and needing more than anything. 
He's the most amazing boyfriend, he never fails to bring a smile to my face, and he's possibly the only person who could ever nearly suffocate on a gingerbread because he smiled too much.
He's my guitar god, my light, my love, my reason to smile, my comfort, and since a month now; my boyfriend. <3

When your mind is a black-out
And your heart is a hole
And you feel like you're left out
In the cold

I will come to the rescue
I'll be taking the fall
I'll be fighting beside you
Through it all

Cause', nobody loves you like I do
And nobody knows you better
When nobody else is there for you
I will be your one man army

Oh oh oh

I was under the ocean
I was gasping for air
I was reaching for heaven
But no one there, no

I was losing perspective
There was nothing to see
All my dreams were neglected
When you came to me

Nobody loves you like I do
And nobody knows you better
And when you'll fight I'll fight for you
I will be your one man army, yeah

Oh oh oh

Your one man army

It's your air
I'm gonna breathe it
It's your blood
I'm gonna bleed it
It's your pain
I'm gonna feel it
It's your words
I'm gonna speak it

Cause', nobody loves you like I do
And nobody know you better
When nobody else is there for you
I will be, your one man army, yeah

Oh oh oh

Your one man army
One man army

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2012-11-28, at 09:38:47
I'm so fudging tired today because my cat decided to sleep in my bed tonight and I couldn't fall asleep with him there (I had to sleep with my feet sticking out over the side of the bed). I have school until half past three today, because we decided to have an extra choir practice for the concert-thingy this Saturday.
I'm actually starting to become a bit nervous about that, I'm afraid that I'll just mess everything up.
I don't have class right now, and I've already had time to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and now I'm just waiting for my friends to finish class so we can go and eat. 

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Water for Elephants

2012-11-27, at 19:16:36
After a whole day of doing nothing, watching The Big Bang Theory and trying to sleep while my cat had occupied half of my bed, I'm now going to round it off with the movie Water for Elephants.

I read the book a while ago, but I haven't had the time to watch it until now. I hope it'll be as amazing as the book!

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Nail Inspo.

2012-11-27, at 14:23:00
I found these beautiful Christmas nails on weheartit, and they're absolutely amazing! I feel so self-conscious about how short my nails are right now though, and they're way too short for nail-art. Sad Melody is sad. 

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2012-11-27, at 11:10:09
The examweek is finally over, and I can finally relax. Which, in my case, means a whole lot of The Big Bang Theory!

Here's a gif on how I feel right now:


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Studying, studying, yeah?

2012-11-26, at 18:30:52
This is basically what I've changed into after I've come home from school every day now, because pajama pants are just so much more comfortable than any other pants!

Anyway, I'm really nervous for my math test and my Finnish test tomorrow, math because it's difficult as fudge and Finnish because.. well, it's Finnish. Finnish really isn't my strong point, partially because I couldn't care less about it.

I'm going to finish the last bit of studying now thouhg, and then cuddle up with The Big Bang Theory again and hope for the best. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

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Skyfall - Official Introduction

2012-11-26, at 12:20:00

I was watching a The Big Bang Theory video when I saw this in the "suggested" section, and asdfghjkl I just want to watch it again. It's truly amazing, and I absolutely love it!
I have to study for my two tests tomorrow now though, so see ya!

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Another one of my HC's.

2012-11-26, at 10:07:01
It was the summer after James II’s 17th birthday, and Harry was staying with Ginny and the children at the Burrow for the summer. Not because they didn’t have anywhere else to live, but because they appreciated time with the family, and felt like they got to relive old memories by staying at the Burrow (which had been magically enlarged and was now taller and more rickety than ever) every summer.    
     Harry had agreed to practice dueling with James in the garden, and some of the younger children in the family, along with Teddy, were hanging out of their bedroom windows to watch. Molly, Hermione and Ginny were standing in the kitchen doorway, worried about how the duel would end.    
     They started by bowing for eachother, turning around, walking away from eachother and then turning around, so that they now were facing eachother again. Then Teddy, who was hanging out of Ron’s old bedroom window with Victoire Weasley, sent up a green spark from his wand, to signal the start of the duel. Spells and charms began to fly between the two contestants immediately, and they were now moving in a circle.    
     James threw himself behind a rosebush to avoid a disarming charm, whereas Harry grabbed a rusty cauldron on the move and used it to reflect charms back towards James. They ran around the garden, exploding a few cauldrons and trampling over several garden gnomes in their hurry. The children were cheering and clapping their hands, and Ted was holding a giggling Victoire in his arms, kissing her neck gently.     
     From above, it was hard to see who was who of the two men. They both had the same jet black, untidy hair, and similar facial features. They would almost have looked like twins, hadn’t it been for the thin, lightning-bolt scar and the difference in eye colour.    
     After about half an hour of dueling, they were both beginning to tire, even though the audience did not. Finally, James hit Harry with a disarming charm. Harry’s wand flew through the air in a graceful arch, and landed an inch away from a stunned garden gnome.     
     Harry smiled, held up his hands in a gesture of defeat and said, “Nice one, James!” The words reminded him of someone, long ago, who had said that very same phrase to him. It hit him like a blow to the heart, and the smile on his face faded instantly.     
     Without a word, he summoned his wand using wandless magic, gave a very confused looking James a curt nod and turned to walk out of the garden to the front yard. Ron, who had just gotten back from an errand in London, but who had witnessed the last half of the duel, started walking alongside Harry. He flung an arm around Harry’s shoulder and guided him to the rusty, battered Ford Anglia that was parked in the middle of the yard and took him out for a long, quiet fly, while Molly served dinner for the rest of the family, and James soon forgot about the whole event.   
     When Harry curled up in bed next to Ginny that night, he took out the only remaining piece of Sirius’ two-way mirror. Just for a brief second, if even that long, he thought he saw Sirius’ silver grey eyes stare back at him, and he remembered what  the man had once told him.The ones that love us, never really leave us. Not really.

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Cuties of the Day.

2012-11-26, at 09:53:51
I love how cats always tend to sleep in such weird positions, like on their heads and stuff, who would even think it's comfortable to sleep like that? Cats are weird, and that's why I love them. <3

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Have a good Monday!

2012-11-26, at 06:30:14
I'm happy because this will be the last day that I'll have to spend studying my arse off in a while,

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Home Alone

2012-11-25, at 21:21:16

I finished studying early and decided to watch Home Alone, best choice ever! I feel so relaxed and fuzzy right now.
I've decided that I'll actually go to bed early tonight, so that I'll be ready to face the last three exams of the semester. I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
I've heard a rumour about a fifth Home Alone movie though, Home Alone in the Dark, in which the main character sets out a series of traps to capture ghosts in his house because he believes the house is haunted. I mean, no, just no! I don't want any more Home Alone movies, and certainly not if they're not related to Christmas in any way!
And JamJam, if you're reading this, we have to have a Home Alone marathon before Christmas! It won't be Christmas otherwise. :c

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Christmas, hurry up!

2012-11-25, at 16:20:08
It's less than a month until Christmas, I miss the snow, and I really don't feel like studying or doing anything else than to cuddle up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watch all of the Home Alone films.
Are you as excited for Christmas as I am? :)

This medley makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and that guy is so talented!

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Captain America DrPepper

2012-11-24, at 14:49:34
The Christmas Street wasn't very inspiring, and I really miss snow. I just noticed that it's exactly a month until Christmas, and I haven't bought any Christmas presents for anyone yet, but I know somewhat what I'm going to give them.
On our way home from town, grandma insisted on stoppin at the store because she needed some groceries, and then she bought me some pasta salad (sure, I love it, but she bought me like a bucket full of it or something and there's no way I can eat all that) and a DrPepper. I hate DrPepper, but it's Captain America on the can, you can't not buy it!

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2012-11-24, at 10:40:54
I'm going into town with my grandparents soon, to watch the opening of the Christmas Street. 
It was nice to finally get some sleep last night, and it's the first time in weekt that I'm not feeling like a zombie.
I have to get ready now though, have a nice day! <3

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2012-11-23, at 20:50:19
The religion test today was the most brutal one yet, crap crappity crap crap. I'll be glad if I get at least a 7, but I really think and 8 would be too much to hope for. I only have health, math and finnish left before exam week is finally over for me, phew. 
After I finished studying today I felt like playing something, and I remembered I still have my Super Mario Galaxy game for Wii, that I got like.. a few years ago but never finished, so I spent a good few hours playing that today, and then I spent a few more hours watching The Big Bang Theory, the new love of my life! 

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Coldplay - Paradise - A Capella Cover - Mike Tompkins

2012-11-23, at 06:05:09
I found this this morning, and oh my Rowling, it's amazing! He looks terribly funny, but he's amazing nevertheless!
I'm completely fascinated by this now!
Today's the day of my religion exam, and TGIF. Although I'll still have to study today and throughout the whole weekend, but at least I don't have another test to worry about tomorrow.
I do have one on monday and two on tuesday though..

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Do Want x 3

2012-11-22, at 14:39:42
Oh dear Merlin, I've found the most beautiful pair of shoes of all time. The red ones in the middle are soooooo gorgeous, but they're $210 and I'd have to order them online. 
People have been telling me Jeffrey Campbell's overrated though, but it's pretty obvious that the ones who say that have never walked in a pair of JC's. His shoes are the most comfortable heels ever, they're gorgeous and they're very priceworthy. Sure, some of his shoes look a bit... odd, but usually they're very pretty. 

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2012-11-22, at 10:04:09
Mum left me 20€ on the kitchen table today to go and buy myself dinner, and being lazy (and a bad cook) as I am, this is what I got. I'm not complaining though, I love the pasta salad! <3

I'm going to watch a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory now, and then I have to study for the religion test tomorrow. (I'd also rather not talk about how the german test went today...)

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And we're falling asleep...

2012-11-21, at 18:58:47
0:15 forward is how I feel every time I'm supposed to study. Fudge this, ich hasse Deutsch. 

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Silly thing.

2012-11-21, at 16:42:00
Whiskey's kept me company while I've been studying today, he's so cute! <3
He just woke up and started looking around, looking completely confused. He had probably dreamt he was hunting a mouse or something, and then tried to find it when he woke up. Silly cat. 
And you can also see his injured ear in this picture, poor thing. <3
I'm going to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory now and then return to my German books, auf wiedersehen!

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Sock bun curls?

2012-11-21, at 10:55:00
I've barely got any make-up on today, because I really can't be bothered with that during examweek.
Enjoy my ugliness.
I tried the sock bun curling method last night, and in the tutorial the girl gets really nice Hollywood curls, whereas I ended up with the birdsnest on the pictures above.. I am not amused.
I also love the glitches on gifyo..

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Soft kitty, warm kitty.

2012-11-20, at 09:59:48
My English test went OK today, even though it could definitely have gone better, then dad took me to a café for a cup of tea. We watched some workers unload small spruces that they're going to tie to the lamp-posts on the main street in town. I usually loathe this town, but today it felt kind of cosy... like, everyone know eachother, people were running errands in town and the shop owners all greeted eachother. I really feel like Christmas is on it's way, and December is almost here, I just have to get through the testweek first.
I'm going to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory now, and then start revising for the History test tomorrow.

Our own Christmas Tree last year.

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This is war.

2012-11-19, at 20:20:00
War is something I'll never understand. Some things make me think there's hope for humanity, but then I watch the news and realise, that I've lost all hope for humanity.

Nature isn't man's biggest threat, animals aren't man's biggest threat. We are.

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2012-11-19, at 12:54:34
This cutie decided to sit on my desk while I got ready, he loves watching the birds from my window.
 I woke up at 07:30 today, but I could barely keep my eyes open since my brain decided to wake me up and go through a lot of history before falling asleep again, waking up, et.c.
I have choir practice soon, even though I'd rather just go home and study for my English test tomorrow.
Oh well, it's all for the greater good, right?

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Just a normal day, streets turn into graves.

2012-11-18, at 22:04:00
Old picture.
I went over to my sister's today to test her Book of Spells game, and I absolutely loved it! It was a bit embarrassing, saying the enchantments out loud (especially since the microphone didn't reall work) but otherwise it was amazing! Too bad I don't own a PS3, and I honestly don't think it's worth getting one just for this. I'm not a gamer girl anyway, so...

While I was on my way home, mum called and asked me if I was going to stay there for long, because apparently we were going to Åbo to eat. I had planned on studying the whole afternoon, that's why I watched Merlin this morning instead of studying, because I thought I'd have time during the afternoon/evening, but nooo. Feeling anxious about losing time I could spend studying, I quickly refreshed my make-up, grabbed my history book and changed into heels, then off we went.
Now, reading in a car is nothing I recommend. I felt sick to my stomach when I woke up this morning, and reading on the way to Åbo only made things worse. Then, when we got to Fransmanni (the restaurant) we had to wait over an hour for our food because the chef had forgotten our order, so I had time to study a bit there too. 

I feel so much like Hermione right now, when she complained that she should have started studying ages ago. This testweek really did sneak up on me.

I'm going to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory now, and then I'm going to bed. Our teacher's at a seminar or something tomorrow, so I start at 10, luxury!

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A lesson in Vengeance

2012-11-18, at 12:13:08
I just watched episode 7 of season 5 of Merlin, A lesson in Vengeance, and things really aren't looking any brighter yet. I just hate what this series does to me, it breaks my heart. I want the next episode now!

I must say, I love old Merlin though, he's so sassy. <3

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2012-11-17, at 23:19:15
I reached 100 followers on Instagram yesterday, yaaaay!
Feel free to follow me, and I'll follow you back!

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Mysteriet på Greveholm - Grevens Återkomst

2012-11-17, at 21:32:19
I remember watching the re-run of the Advent Calender Mysteriet på Greveholm when I were young, and I absolutely loved it! It's one of the best advent calendars so far, and I was absolutely thrilled to notice that they're making a sequel to Mysteriet på Greveholm, which will be this year's advent calender. <3
I love, love, love the advent calenders, they're always so cosy and it's tradition and you get a feeling of being 7 years old and waiting for Santa again!

Have any of you watched the first Mysteriet på Greveholm? :)

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Sheldon - Sheldoff

2012-11-17, at 21:06:52
Over 10 hours of sleep, x amounts of The Big Bang Theory-episodes, about 5 hours of studying, sauna, freshly shaved legs, Harry Potter-quiz planning, admin work, Coca Cola.
Sums up my day, and even though I'm crazily worried about the testweek next week, I feel relaxed and just fine now. This test week just snuck up on me, and I realise now that I should have started studying a lot earlier, I feel so much like Hermione right now...

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"New in"

2012-11-17, at 13:46:54

Actually, 2 weeks late, but whatever. I love the mintgreen sweater, it's so cosy! <3

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Ginger Jesus

2012-11-16, at 19:13:26
By far the best version of Skinny Love ever made! <3

I'm so sorry for all the Ed Sheeran-obsessing on the blog lately, but he's just such a perfect person, with such a perfect voice and so much talent! I used to regard Rupert Grint as the ginger jesus, but lately I've realised that it's actually Ed Sheeran.
Ed's the most amazing, wonderful ginger on earth! 

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2012-11-16, at 18:13:05
I went to bed with my hair in braids last night, but stupid as I am, I had braided my bangs too. Which means that when I woke up, my bangs weere standing straight up in the air and there was nothing I could do about it, so I had to twist it and pin it back. :c

Movember, anyone?

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Twilight: My Opinion

2012-11-16, at 12:16:47
Right, because of the Twilight hysteria following the Breaking Dawn Part 2 release, I feel like voicing my opinion on Twilight. Even though I'm not really entitled to have an opinion, since I haven't read the books or seen the movies, and I never will.
The reason to that is that I don't like what Meyer has done to the vampires.
It's OK to take a mythological creature and change it a little bit, to fit better into your story or to simply make it your own, but Meyer has taken the vampires, butchered them and put them back into an unrecognizable mess.
If you're going to do that to, for example, vampires then please have the decency to call them something else.
Vampires don't sparkle.

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Walking in a winter wonderland.

2012-11-16, at 08:57:25
All of the pictures were taken from weheartit.
There was frost on the ground when I woke up today, one small step towards the winter wonderland that I want right now. I want winter, snow, Christmas and cosy evenings in front of the fire.

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The Big Bang Theory

2012-11-15, at 20:44:17
I only recently started watching The Big Bang Theory, and I've only watched the first episode so far (not the pilote though, I'm saving that for last) but I can already tell that Sheldon is exactly my type of guy. :D
Much like Sherlock... and the show's really funny, I love it!
Why didn't I start watching this series earlier?!
"I'm a Ravenclaw
My brain is super fast
Like Sheldon Cooper
But not a total ass."

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Ich habe fernweh.

2012-11-15, at 16:24:10
All of the pictures are from weheartit. 
Fernweh = feeling homesick for abroad.
Our second testweek starts next Tuesday, so I'm on full study-mode at the moment, but I just decided to take a really short break since I've been studying since I got home from school at 2, skipping P.E. because I'm not fully recovered from my fever/flue/whatever yet.
I wanted to make another collage (I have a collage waiting for you, which I made a couple of days ago, I just have to find the right time to post it) and I knew I wanted to make one about London. One of my best friends is going there next spring, and I'm so jealous I could just curl up and cry forever. 
Just like I have fernweh for Hogwarts, I have fernweh for London too. Even though I've never been there, those are the only places I could really think of as home.
London calls me a stranger
A traveller
This is now my home, my home
I'm burning on the back street
Stuck here sitting in the backseat
I'm blazing on the street
What I do isn't up to you
And if the city never sleeps
Then that makes two

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Sherlock hoodie

2012-11-15, at 11:24:59
I have a strong feeling I'll get one of these for Christmas. ;)
It's gorgeous! <3

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Silly cat.

2012-11-15, at 06:03:52
A gif from yesterday. It looks really weird when I pull my hand away though...
I woke up in the middle of the night because of a noice and discovered that it was Whiskey who just had to climb over my deskt to get to my windowsill. I didn't think about it any more though, and fell asleep again, until I was awakened a few minutes later again, because Whiskey was lying on my chair, chasing his own tail...
I must have slept in a weird position or something, because my right shoulder is completely fudged up and sore. Oh well!
Today was the first time ever that I used the snooze-button. Great invention. <3

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This will be the death of me.

2012-11-14, at 22:49:45
Derpy pictures from when I played around with my webcam earlier today.

I just printed out my health assignment, which only turned out to be 10 pages long, when I wanted it to be a bit longer. I didn't have time though, because I would have been up all night working on it in that case.
It's 11:47 P.M. now, so I'm going to turn off the computer now and go to bed. 

Sweet dreams! <3

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Quoting... I can do that?

2012-11-14, at 12:28:11
I started thinking about this during Religion class today, and I just have to say... this is brilliant!
It's pretty much what I do already though, but I need to start checking up the page-numbers and chapters for all my favourite quotes so that I can start quoting it like the bible.

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But baby, it's cold outside.

2012-11-14, at 08:55:56
It was so fudging hard to get out of bed today, it was freezingly cold in my room!

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Ed Sheeran - Autumn Leaves

2012-11-13, at 22:03:40
Have I told you I love Ed Sheeran? No? Because I really, really love him! <3

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Cuteness overload

2012-11-13, at 06:06:28


Today's cuteness overload. :3

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WonderBook: Book of Spells

2012-11-12, at 20:00:50
My sister sent me this link yesterday, but I didn't have time to check it out before now, and now I really want this book. Like, really really want it. :c

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Samsung Chromebook

2012-11-12, at 12:15:45
I was sick last Friday when the rest of the students in First Year got their computer, which really bummed me out, especially since we've been waiting for our computers since school started.
But today I finally got my Chromebook, and I really, really like it!

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And his name, is Merlin.

2012-11-11, at 20:36:36
A picture from last Thursday when I was home from school with a fever, watching Merlin and drinking tea all day. The best cure for anything!

I just made myself some hot chocolate, lit some candles and now I'm going to watch the new Merlin episode, The Dark Tower.

Probably the best way to end a perfect Sunday! My love for Merlin has been reawakened!

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One Direction - Little Things

2012-11-11, at 10:33:18
Okey, so I'm not a Directioner, but asdfghjkl. This. song. is. perfect!
I still don't understand why everyone think the boys are so cute though, Harry's the cute one.. Zayn just looks like a raccoon with his hair.
The song's so cute though. <3

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Happy Fathers Day!

2012-11-11, at 10:13:30
Happy Fathers Day to every father out there!

I'm having dinner with my grandparents today, and I made the card on the picture above for my lovely grandpa, I hope he'll like it!
Dad's at work, so we gave him his present earlier this week along with a card, I just wish I could have him here today though so that I could give him a hug.
Dad, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that you're the world's best dad and I love you so much! <3

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Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

2012-11-10, at 12:47:54
I absolutely love this video, it fits the song so perfectly!
It portrays the same kind of desperation that the song does. :)
Plus, the girl's very pretty. :3

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No NaNo

2012-11-09, at 14:37:31
From before I went to Turku to watch Skyfall.

So, I've decided I won't do NaNoWriMo, because there's no way I'd be able to finish the novel this month, and I wouldn't have time for schoolwork either. Instead, I'm going to finish the novel during Christmas break, and so far I've only trusted one person with information about the novel - and she absolutely loved it!

This inspired me a great deal, and I'll make sure this person will be the first one to read it when it's done. :)

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Skyfall is where we start.

2012-11-09, at 14:24:59
Two weeks ago I went to see Skyfall with Wilma, Emmi, Malin and Linnéa, and asdfghjkl it was amazing!
Potterheads all over the world were grumpy because it's taken over the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 record of most seen movie in British cinemas, but I really understand why it did.

James Bond has been around for a much longer time than Harry Potter and it appeals to many generations all over the world.
I really fell in love with the new Q though, he's gorgeous! It's Ben Whishaw, and I remember him from the movie Perfume. He's a lot cuter in Skyfall though, and he looks so geeky with his glasses, slightly wavy and messy hair, and he's sooooo smart.
My favourite quote was about Q too.
"Q's afraid of flying."
"Of course he is..."
"There are only six people in the world who can program this."
"But can you crack it?"
"Yes, I invented it."

I had a lovely evening with my friends, and even though I'm not really a Bond-girl, I loved Skyfall.
If you haven't seen it already, you should definitely go watch it. :)

Ben Whishaw as himself. Gorgeous!

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2012-11-05, at 21:40:00
I just added a widget to the menu of my blog, so you'll be able to follow my wordcount and progress during NaNoWriMo. :)

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