Like an eagle without wings

2012-05-30, at 22:36:15

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You don't need to save me..

2012-05-28, at 21:12:15

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2012-05-27, at 12:37:17

.. I just made this. I regret nothing.

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The "Always" Project

2012-05-25, at 18:04:38

If any Potterhead ever needs a helping wand, I'll help.
It doesn't matter which house you're in,
It doesn't matter if I know you or not,
But because you're a Potterhead..

.. We're family.

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And it was your heart on the line.

2012-05-24, at 20:47:53

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School's out

2012-05-23, at 19:44:41

Click the pictures for bigger versions.

The last real day of school now, soon we'll graduate from ninth grade. It's sick! I just started seventh grade..
Anyway, between us and the summer vacation lies our final projects, my project will be a collab with Jamila. I don't know if I'll update here at all during the coming week, but I'll be sure to link our project blog here so you can follow our adventures. <3

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Pink Cherry Blossom

2012-05-22, at 20:52:21

I remembered we have a Japanese cherry tree on our yard, so I decided to go out and take a few photographs.

This is the result. :3

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Fossils dun dun dun

2012-05-22, at 20:00:47

What I do during the evenings..

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Just that same old Tuesday song

2012-05-22, at 19:53:55

State of my cheeks this tuesday. So sorry if you're getting tired of these, it's just that I want to see for myself too how it's working.

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Owl City - Lonely Lullaby cover

2012-05-21, at 20:18:06

Just a short (and not very good) cover of Owl City - Lonely Lullaby that I made for the hell of it, and because some people wanted to hear me sing.
So, hope they're happy..

And yes, I'm well aware of the fact that the higher notes are cracked and eww.

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Floral dress, suede shoes and GoT.

2012-05-20, at 20:44:35

Dress - Halonen, Shoes - Spiritstore, Books - Akademiska Bokhandeln

This is the dress I'll be wearing when I graduate from ninth grade, we went through countless shops and much pain to get this. But in the end, I'm very happy with it, even though CK says the red flowers spreading over the top of the dress look like blood.. (He should consider getting glasses, and probably a hearing aid too).
There's one problem with it though, they didn't have size 36, and when I tried on a size 34 I couldn't get the zipper up (I'm not a barbie doll, ya' know), so I had to buy a size 38. Now, sadly, I don't have large enough breasts to fill that 38 up, so I have to use the ugly shoulder-straps. Ew.

I found the shoes in Spiritstore, as usual (I'm starting to feel like I own almost the whole shoe-section of their shop already...) After walking around in my Jeffrey Campbells for so long, they don't really feel that high. When I measure the heel, it's only 13,5 cm, and I think my JC's are around 14 something?
I don't know.. Anyway, they're covered in beige suede and rope, and I love them because they still look kinda casual so I'll be able to wear them casually too.

And then I just had to run into Akademiska Bokhandeln when I saw they had box-sets of the "The Game of Thrones - series", 30€ for all five of the books, sounds like a pretty good deal to me?
After seeing small pieces of the tv-series though, I'm a bit afraid of reading them.. Oh well, at least I'll have something to do this summer!

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I'll dissolve when the rain pours in.

2012-05-20, at 20:08:15

Outfit and facelook of today!

I spent the day in Turku with mum and dad, running around in search of a dress for my graduation.
We ran through almost every store and didn't find anything, until we decided to go to Halonens.
I was very sceptic at first, thinking it'd be full of old ladies clothes, but I found a wonderful dress there, which I'll show you later.

Of course I had to wear my Jeffrey Campbell's, so my feet are a little sore. Not like last time though, when they were full of blisters and wounds, and I can only thank Merlin for that..

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Happy Birthday to You!

2012-05-18, at 16:53:49

Today's the big day for my great friend Emilia, her sweet 16!

So congratulations hun, you deserve to feel special! <3

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2012-05-17, at 13:26:25

I hate myself when it's already been weeks, I should have been done by now.
I can't write, and when I can, it's slow and bad.

I need my words back, and I need them now.

P.S, it's depressing, staring at a blank page for hours.

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I love you.

2012-05-16, at 23:58:27

Should you fall down and be gone
I'd be broken, turned to stone
I'd be broken I'd be left without a clue
Oh, everything that's true
So let me sing to you like it is

Life is what you give to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is
Life is what you mean to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is

Should you leave me, fade away
I'd be broken and my days
Would be numbered
My life an empty shell
A void no one could fill
That's why I want to tell like it is

Life is what you give to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is
Everything that's real to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is

Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is
Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is you

I need your life in my life
I need your taste in my days
I need your dreams in my nights

I need you

(Need your life in my life)
(Need your dreams in my day)
(Need your dreams in my night)

Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is
Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is

Life is what you give to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is

Life is what you mean to me
Life is how you set me free
Life is

(Life is what you give to me)

Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is

(Life is how you set me free)

Ooh, ooh
Life is, life is

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2012-05-16, at 18:18:44

I just realized I haven't showed you this.. why haven't I showed you this??
Because this girl is amazing! Her voice is simply gorgeous, and she looks like a real-life Ariel!
So ya'll should run over there and subscribe right now!

I <3 her covers.

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Just another lonely Tuesday

2012-05-16, at 15:08:20

What my cheek looked like yesterday! Still not a very big difference, but it'll come later, I hope..

Yesterday was also the last band rehearsal, I'm gonna miss those guys! <3

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Summer meets spring

2012-05-14, at 19:11:41

Love the combination of shorts and a hoodie! <3
And I don't feel like I'm ready to give up my Michael Jackson hoodie for the year yet, I'm gonna wear it a while longer... until it really becomes too hot to wear it!

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This is where I have my home.

2012-05-14, at 18:03:21

This is, by far, one of the best and one of the most emotional Harry Potter videos I've ever seen on youtube!

For a while now, I've been afraid of losing my Potterificness, since a lot of other fandoms have started making their way into my heart, but watching this.. watching this I realize, that Harry Potter will always be a part of me. The greatest part of me, even.
All the other fandoms will slowly fade in me, but I really will be reading Harry Potter when I'm 80 years old and in my rocking chair, and I will read Harry Potter to my children, and I will always cry when I read Sirius' death scene, and I will always keep on waiting for my Hogwarts letter.
That's because Harry Potter lives in my blood, it's the very core of who I am. I've built myself around it, and I don't know who I'd be without Harry Potter.

I might not have been a Potterhead for 16 years, but HP came into my life when I needed it the most, it gave me something to cling to, it gave me friends. It made me realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being clever, it made me realize that you should be exactly who you are, and that you're never alone.

I have an army of Potterheads behind me, we're the greatest fandom on Earth, and we're all there for eachother.

The magic will always live in me, because Hogwarts will always be there, to welcome me home. <3

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Strange things did happen here

2012-05-14, at 15:54:03

Re-dyed my hair yesterday with Syoss Intense Red, pretty pleased with the result!

Unfortunately, I now have to walk around with my bangs like that for a while, since I've got red marks on my forehead, and on top of that, my skin also decided to act up. Bah.

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Far over the misty mountains cold

2012-05-13, at 17:45:32

This completely stuck in my mind and demanded my attention the first time I watched the trailer for The Hobbit, and I haven't been able to get it off my mind since then.

So what do I do? I find a 10h version of it, of course! I've got all the lyrics memorized now too, haha!

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Tuesday's picture

2012-05-12, at 14:56:39

The state of my cheeks last Tuesday.

I'm sorry I haven't updated recently, but I didn't have time for anything else than studying the past week, and I'm still a quite busy woman.
Oh well, I'm clinging on to the thought that it's over soon, for better or for worse.

Not many schooldays left now. <3

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Tiny Tower

2012-05-06, at 21:32:23

Why is this game so addictive?!

Found a great game for my phone today, called Tiny Tower, so I've been playing it all day.
My tower is only 8 floors high so far, but I'm working on it!

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

2012-05-05, at 19:41:58

Smile, you're beautiful! <3

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Naildesign: Harry Potter nails

2012-05-05, at 18:34:45

I decided to paint Harry Potter themed nails today, and I'm very aware of the fact that they're not my best nails ever, but it's the best I can do with nails this short. :<

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Lenny Kravitz

2012-05-04, at 19:24:25

Okey, so this is the thing.. Lenny Kravitz is visiting Norway, Denmark and Sweden this year, but not Finland.

Why does EVERYONE do this? All the great musicians I really want to see are just like "Hell no, I ain't going to Finland," and we're left with our own crappy bands.

I want to see Lenny! Gah!

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Week after week, it all just feels the same.

2012-05-01, at 12:33:43

Before and after a week of using Arbutin. I can't say I notice any difference yet, but on the other hand, I have a month and three weeks to go.

I really, really hope this will help..

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The Colour Song

2012-05-01, at 01:47:19

While everyone else is out partying, I'm having a Fox Hunt on Omegle for my likers, and listening to this song..
The best evening ever. <3

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