2012-07-31, at 19:20:58
I got a new desk from Ikea yesterday, that isn't attached to my bookcase, so I can move it around.
I chose to place it in front of the window, and I think my whole room looks a lot bigger now!
My bookcase looks enormous, haha!

So today I've been writing, I finished chapter 19 of Dear Padfoot, so proud! It's been going so slowly with that fanfic for the past 6 months now, but now I just have one more chapter to write, and then I'm done. :D
I might have to go back and change a few of the middle chapters though, I'm not too pleased with them.
While I write, I've subscribed to a Spotify playlist called "For Writing", but that playlist contains a lot of music with lyrics, so I'm currently making my own playlist with instrumental (movie soundtracks et.c. et.c) music!
Casually throwing in a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean music! ;)

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Rowling is our Queen

2012-07-31, at 15:30:45
The Boy Who Lived and the Queen Who Brought Magic to Life, without whom I wouldn't have been who I am today. Happee Birthdae! <3

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Hair like Hermione

2012-07-31, at 11:47:12
I went swimming two days ago, and after that I put my hair up in a bun and slept with that over the night.
In the morning, I just put my hair up in a bun again, and then today when I woke up, I decided to take out my bun. Well, this was the result...
I think I'll just keep it in a bun until I can wash it tonight..

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X3M feat. Pandora - Drottningen av Åland

2012-07-30, at 23:36:27
I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or cry? Or maybe both?..

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Stupid cat..

2012-07-30, at 21:36:29
This idiot scared me to death today.
We had just come home from Ikea (I'll write more about that tomorrow), when our neighbour called my mum and told her that she'd heard a cat scream on the road above our house, and she thought Whiskey might have been hit by a car or something, so dad went up there looking for him while I was crying my eyes out.
After a while, dad returned with our neighbour, holding a not so happy Whiskey in his arms, who was clawing at him and biting him.
Turns out, he'd just been in a fight with another cat. And I thought he was dead or dying.
My stupid, ugly, wonderful, beloved cat, that I never want to lose..

My first cat died on that road, he got hit by a car.
R.I.P Trassel. <3

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I had a dream..

2012-07-30, at 10:47:07

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Today's facelook

2012-07-29, at 19:28:33
I came home from the beach about an hour or so ago, it was actually the first time I went swimming this summer!
A bit cold, but it was lovely and refreshing either way.
I heard there's going to be another thunderstorm tonight, so I think I should take a shower now before hell breaks loose..

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Andreas Johnson - One Man Army

2012-07-29, at 15:29:54
When your mind is a black-out
And your heart is a hole
And you feel like you're left out
In the cold

I will come to the rescue
I'll be taking the fall
I'll be fighting beside you
Through it all

Cause', nobody loves you like I do
And nobody knows you better
When nobody else is there for you
I will be your one man army

Oh oh oh

I was under the ocean
I was gasping for air
I was reaching for heaven
But no one there, no

I was losing perspective
There was nothing to see
All my dreams were neglected
When you came to me

Nobody loves you like I do
And nobody knows you better
And when you'll fight I'll fight for you
I will be your one man army, yeah

Oh oh oh

Your one man army

It's your air
I'm gonna breathe it
It's your blood
I'm gonna bleed it
It's your pain
I'm gonna feel it
It's your words
I'm gonna speak it

Cause', nobody loves you like I do
And nobody know you better
When nobody else is there for you
I will be, your one man army, yeah

Oh oh oh

Your one man army
One man army

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Ready for school

2012-07-28, at 21:10:21
As I told you, we went to Turku yesterday to get the books I need for High School.
We picked a bad day to go, because of Down By the Laituri, the whole city was crowded with tourists.
We also got some things I might need, and I even bought a dress from Noa Noa. :)

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Guitar Gangster, Guitar God

2012-07-28, at 20:23:31
Alright, for those of you who don't know, this is my friend Zota, playing the guitar. I'm not sure on what he's playing, and I don't care very much either, because it's brilliant either way!
I don't usually care very much for videos of people playing the guitar, but this dude is so talented I could watch/listen to him playing for hours and hours.

He won't admit it himself, but he's abnormally talented when it comes to playing the guitar. Just sayin'.

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Yesterday's Look

2012-07-28, at 20:06:14

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Hinder - The Best is Yet to Come

2012-07-27, at 19:20:29
I'm so in love with Hinder at the moment. <3

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Calm morning

2012-07-27, at 11:45:00
I've had a calm start to my day, ad soon I'm off to Turku to pick up my schoolbooks. Nice!

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Yesterday's Look

2012-07-27, at 10:25:12

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Black angels and white snow

2012-07-26, at 20:26:19
The icicles are glittering and shining, the snow lies white on the ground. The wind blows chillingly in under  Zacharias' leather jacket. The wind whips through the snow, and creates small whirlwinds of snow. If you'd pour out a bit of cocaine now, you'd never find it again. It would be united with the soft snow, and be forever gone. Zacharias doesn't like the thought of that.

He reaches for the inside pocket of his leather jacket and fumbles around until he can feel the empty bag, which had been stuffed with cocaine just a week ago. He then makes sure the money is still lying in his other pocket, and that it didn't fall out when he fell off the icy stone he had been sitting on earlier.

The wind makes the trees sway, and whips cold snow into his frozen face. An owl hoots behind a snow-capped spruce. Zacharias hoots back. Three short ones, three long ones, three short ones. After the last hoot has died out, a head appears behind the spruce. Then the rest of the body follows, after sharp eyes carefully scans the environment to make sure Zacharias really is alone.

Zacharias doesn't notice it's a woman at first, but when she  starts walking towards him, she releases the waist long, raven black hair she had been hiding under her beanie. Her eyes glide over Zacharias' face like a pair of icy blue crystals. She hooks her gaze into Zacharias' eyes, and Zacharias has a feeling that this isn't a woman you mess around with. She also looks very muscular for a woman.
"Are.. are you Laila?" Zacharias stutters.
"Depends on who's asking," the woman answers with a slightly hostile facial expression. Zacharias can't help noticing that her flaky lips don't move very much at all.
"Zach.. I'm Zach," Zach says, with a little more courage this time.
"And what do you want from me... Zach?"
"I'm just wondering if you.. if you could sell me some cocaine?" Zacharias says and clears his throat.
"How much are you willing to pay?"
Zacharias extends the small pack of money towards Laila.
"That won't get you very far," Laila huffs, "But I'll do you a favor, I'll be a bit kind, just this once. You'll get a full bag, just because I pity you. You must have been through hell and back to get here," she adds in a whisper, because she's sneaked up to Zacharias now. She sounds vaguely amused.
"But I haven't been through any hell.." Zach mumbles, but hands her the money anyway.
"So you thought it would be a fun thing, that it wouldn't be so dangerous. But you were very, very wrong," Laila hands him the bag and starts walking back towards her spruce with long, cat-like steps. Zacharias turns around and starts walking home.

When Zacharias gets home, he starts planning how he'll distribute his cocaine. He thinks that he can do one line on Thursday, two on Friday and five on Saturday. Then there will be a few leftover lines for Spike too, because Spike and Zacharias are going out on town on Saturday.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday pass quickly, and suddenly it's Saturday. There's a knock on Zacharias' door, and when he opens it, he sees the scarred face that's helped him throughout his life, with anything, anytime, anywhere. No questions asked.

"Are you going out tonight, or?.." Spike says with a grin, then he leans lightly against the doorframe.
"Of course I am," Zacharias says and answers Spike's grin.
"Is your mum home?"
"Dunno. Don't think so. I haven't seen her this week," says Zacharias offhandedly, like it's the most natural thing in the whole wide world that you haven't seen your mother for a week. Because to him it is. A shattered family and an alcoholic mother is his life.
"Good, can we do a line each before we leave then?"
"Sure, but would you like anything to eat first?"
"Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not very hungry," Spike grins, and stomps right into the flat without removing his muddy boots first.
"Suit yourself then," Zacharias shrugs. He then goes into the kitchen and looks for a remotely clean glass among the mess that's piled up in the sink. A plate slides loose and falls to the floor, where it shatters into a thousand pieces. Zacharias mutters, but lets the shards of the frosted glass plate lie on the dirty laminate flooring.

Zacharias puts the glass back onto the sink without drinking anything, then he walks to his room, where Spike has already found the bag of cocaine that Zacharias had hidden so carefully. Zacharias laughs, and thinks that Spike really knows him far too well. Spike pours out cocaine into two neat lines on a plate he found under the bed. He then takes out a short straw from his pocket, holds out the plate and the straw for Zacharias, but Zacharias shakes his head and nods towards Spike, and says, "Guests first, you know that.."
Then Spike presses his finger against his left nostril, while he uses the straw to snort up the cocaine through his right one.

He then hands the plate and the straw over to Zacharias, who imitates what Spike just did.
Spike and Zacharias are lying on the bed, waiting for the drug to start working.
"Ey, Zach. Remember that time when the High School boys attacked us? That was fun, wasn't it?" Spike says, and smiles widely. Zacharias thinks he looks as crazy as only he can be.
"Fun and fun.. I didn't think it was very funny to get a broken arm. Do you really think it's that damn fun to walk around with that scar in  your face?"
Spike smiles and shows off a shiningly white smile.
"Yeah, I do! It makes me look tougher, and people have been telling me I look older too. Have you any idea of how cool it is that people think you're 19, when actually, you're just 16?" Spike asks with a smug expression plastered on his face.
"That's just because of the drugs," Zacharias mutters grumpily.
"Let's go! It's far too boring here, I want some action!" Spike jumps up from the bed and starts looking for his leather jacket, Zacharias finds his own jacket after a moment of searching.

Once out on town, it doesn't take them long to find a gang of familiar people. The rest of Zacharias' band The Hairspray Hooligans are there too, but they're too drunk to take any notice of Zacharias. The gang moves through Vasa city, wreaking havoc and destroying numerous swings, staircases, climbing frames, mailboxes and lampposts as they go. Then they stop outside of Subway, because apparently someone in the gang is hungry. So everyone press themselves through the door, and manage to disturb the few diners that were already in there, eating peacefully up until a minute ago.
But Zacharias and Spike stay outside, a short distance away from the door.

Zacharias takes out the small, black plastic plate he always carries around in his pocket, and the straw. He then takes out a small bag with white content. He stands so that his back is facing the wind and pours out two neat lines on the black plastic, the contrast is stark.
The streetlight flashes. In the corner of his eye, Zacharias can already see the black angels, and he knows that if he pulls this line now, they'll only become more visible. The black angels scare him sometimes.
"Ey, Zach, are you going to do  your line or not?" Spike hisses impatiently, while he's glancing around nervously, especially at the door.
"Of course I am," Zacharias answers calmly, and repeats the process he's so familiar with by now, then he hands the plate to Spike.

The black angels are dancing around him, around and around in fast-paced dance. They're pointing at him, laughing at him, pressing their sly faces close together to whisper about him, they're mocking him for his weakness. That's when he sees her. Like a red angel with golden hair, she's standing there, and the black angels are slowly fading away as his feet start walking towards her of their own accord, there's nothing he can do about it.
When he's finally standing in front of her, he's shaking, but he's still trying to start a conversation.
"Hi, I'm the singer in The Hairspray Hooligans, have you heard our music?" he squeaks out.
"Sorry, I don't associate with junkies," she answers, purses her nose and takes a puff of a cigarette a boy in designer clothes hands her. The boy gives Zacharias a triumphant look and takes the girl's hand. Then they walk away, leaving Zacharias there alone, empty as a black hole.

The days pass by and Zacharias tries, to no avail, to find the beautiful girl again, but he can't find her anywhere. He feels like she's his only hope, like she could make everything ok and help him through his weakness. Laila isn't around anymore either, so he struggles with getting cocaine again, just when he needs it the most. But when he finally gets some, he buys enormous amounts, all by himself.

It's Friday, and Spike's knocking on the door again, then he drags Zacharias out on town. They eat at McDonalds, they laugh, and Zacharias feels completely welcome and safe with Spike. Spike starts a ketchup war against Zacharias, and they get thrown out and banned from McDonalds, both of them completely covered in ketchup, and they're laughing like they've never laughed before. Zacharias is lying crouched up on the snowy ground, and Spike has to lean against a lamppost because he's having difficulties standing up. For a moment, Zacharias actually forgets the girl that's been haunting his mind for the past week. And that's when he sees her.
There, at a street corner, she's snogging a guy in tight pants and a leather jacket. The streetlight flashes. Zacharias feels like someone's hit him very hard in the stomach.

The roof above him is spinning, the whole room is rotating. It's his room, but he doesn't recognize it. He bites his lower lip so it starts to bleed. It tastes like copper. The taste of the blood makes him feel sick. Then he falls asleep, surrounded by black angels that whisper in his ear, whisper about death and hell.

It's morning when Zacharias wakes again, and the angels are gone. Instead his mother is sitting at the bedside. She's crying, and her mascara has painted thick, black streaks down her wrinkly, spotted face. Zacharias wants to ask her why she's crying, but his throat is far too dry, he can't make a single sound. So she starts talking instead.
"Spike called me from your cellphone yesterday, he told me that you'd taken far too much cocaine, that it was serious this time.. so I came and picked you up. Everything is my fault. I'm a bad mother, and if I had only been a better mother from the start, you would never have started using drugs," she sobs.
The cocaine, Zacharias now remembers that he did four lines at once.
"Thankyou mum. Can you leave my room now?" he asks sternly, ignoring his mother's tears.

His mother sighs and cries some more, but then she finally leaves him alone. Zacharias thinks. About his mother, who is never there. About the cocaine, that he can't get enough of. And about the girl, that he can never get at all. Because she doesn't associate with junkies. He lies there and thinks for hours.

When he's done with the thinking, it's already dark outside, and his mother has popped her head into his room several times to ask him if he'd like anything to eat. But now he knows. He knows what he has to do.
He pokes about his drawer, looking for a pen and paper, and when he finds what he's looking for, he thinks about what he should write, but he can only think of one thing.

"I'm so sorry, I love you Spike." he writes with a shaky handwriting and leaves the paper on the pillow, he then does two last lines of cocaine, and hides the rest where he knows only Spike will find it. He takes his leather jacket and sneaks out into the night.

He's standing very close to the edge and wonders if anyone will miss him. Spike will miss him, and Zacharias will miss Spike too. "Soulmates until death tears us apart," Spike would always say when they were lying in Zacharias' bed, higher than two skyscrapers. Then he'd grab Zacharias' hand and hold it tight.
His mum, she'll probably miss him too. But Zach's missed her his whole life, so he thinks that it's her turn to miss him a little.
And the girl, she probably won't even know he's dead.

He's standing on the edge, watching the black water rush by. It's the only thing that hasn't frozen yet, but it's icy cold. The black angels are back again. They're happy. They know they'll soon get what they want. Zacharias takes off his leather jacket and his cellphone, and lays them down on the snowy ground a short distance away. He walks back to the edge with heavy steps, a tear falls from his cheek and he whispers out into the night. "For you, because you'll never be mine," he whispers, and the wind snatches his words away as soon as they leave his lips. Then he falls. He is no more.

The wind creates small whirls in the snow. The icicles are gleaming. The streetlight flashes, then dies.

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2012-07-26, at 20:06:38
My dad dug up a small tree/bush today, which was dying, and then requested my help with cutting it into pieces.
Unfortunately, my hands are so small I couldn't grasp the clippers properly, so after three hours of cutting I ended up with three blisters on my hand.
Oh well, it could always be worse, couldn't it?

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Tokio Hotel - World Behind My Wall

2012-07-26, at 00:08:07
The time in which this video was shot, was when Bill looked his best, in my opinion.
He's hot in this video, he really is.
I don't care if you think he looks like a girl, because, quite frankly, he's way hotter than most girls out there.
I love his mohawk, and he's one of the few people in this world who can actually pull an eyebrow piercing off!
What I like about the video is that they all look so bloody happy. <3
The song is beautiful too. <3

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If I wanted to leave, I would have gone by now.

2012-07-25, at 19:08:20
Title and picture not at all related to what I'm going to write.
I've been out sunbathing and reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for about two hours today, and I managed to get quite a tan actually. Nice!
It was the first day in ages that's been really sunny, but then of course it started to rain now towards the evening. (I'm starting to feel properly English now, talking about the weather..)
I've also been picking some berries with grandma, despite the not-so-great weather. Cold, wet and dirty I returned to the warmth of my room about an hour ago, and I'm now curled up under a blanket, with a cup of hot tea by my side, trying to translate my Swedish short story into English..
And by the way, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve my blog? Because I feel like it's the crappiest blog on earth right now. </3

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Naildesigns: Puzzle and ombre nails

2012-07-24, at 22:53:20
I started painting puzzle nails today, but after just one nail I realized that it would take ages to paint them all, so I decided to just go for a simple, pink ombre on the rest of the nails.
It looks a teeny tiny bit weird with the puzzle nail, but I'm fine with it!

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Polish my nailpolish.

2012-07-24, at 20:21:35
I feel good about myself today, I've been out for a walk, made myself a salad and took care of the apples lying around our garden. Then I strolled up to the store to get some white and black nailpolish, and now I'm painting my nails. :)

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There's a GIF for everything..

2012-07-24, at 12:27:59
I love Jack Sparrow, his facial expressions are brilliant, and so gif'able! <3

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Happee Birthdae Daniel!

2012-07-23, at 23:42:21
A bit late but, happee birthdae Harry.. I mean, Daniel!
Our boy's all grown up now. <3

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When I'm with you, my whole world stands still.

2012-07-23, at 22:13:18
Spotify version >here<.

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Walking on Sunshine.

2012-07-23, at 19:00:12
We all have our way of dealing with things, walking is mine. Whenever I'm upset, sad, angry, down et.c et.c, I'll go out for a walk.
Walking leaves me time to think, and to get away for a while. Last week I did quite a lot of walking, and I think it was last autumn or the year before that that I did a lot of walking too, because I felt really trapped in my own mind, you know?

I have this route that I like to walk, because then I don't have to think about where I'm going, I can just walk and think. But sometimes it's nice to just walk around randomly and see where you end up too, even though that doesn't leave much space for thinking, since you have to concentrate on not getting lost..

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And in that moment I knew, this would be our bench.

2012-07-23, at 00:45:13
Happily I noted that they've put up a bench in a park-ish thing about 100 meters away from my house.
Now I know where I'll spend many a day reading from now on. :)

Because ever since that week, the sight of a bench breaks my heart. But it also comforts me, and brings back happy memories. I like benches. I like them a lot.

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Shit Tumblr Girls Say

2012-07-22, at 23:32:56
My. Life. Exactly!

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Nightly unadventures.

2012-07-22, at 21:55:47
One thing I love doing in the evening/night is hanging out of the window. The air outside at night is so cool, fresh and it smells really lovely, it's just so calming!
I'm very afraid of leaning too far out though, because my room is on the second floor, so I usually just stick my head outside, haha!

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Wise words

2012-07-21, at 20:54:56
This, so much!
Those of you who know what I've been through, probably know what I mean by this.
The thing is, I can't control my emotions, I can't stop feeling what I feel, no one can.
And I'm sick and tired of people who are judging me because of this, because of something I can't do anything about. I hate it.

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The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

2012-07-21, at 20:12:37
I love The Script. <3

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To cut or not to cut?

2012-07-21, at 13:08:47
A few years ago I had really layered hair, which then grew long, and I was planning on letting my bangs grow out. This was no problem when my hair used to part in the middle, but now that I'm wearing it to the side, my bangs are constantly hanging in my face and it curls really weirdly.
I think the gif and the picture are good examples of what my problem is.

Well, I've been thinking about cutting my bangs, but I'm afraid my hairstyle will end up looking very scene/emo if I do. So what do I do?

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2012-07-20, at 22:45:56
I don't care that this would look like a dress on me, I want it! There are no words for how awesome it is.

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Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

2012-07-20, at 22:41:00
So many memories, and so many feelings. </3

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Glittery polish

2012-07-20, at 20:08:03
For my Effie Trinket nails, I needed a gold glitterpolish, which I didn't have, so I had to make my own.
The only problem was that the glitter was very, very fine, and when I opened the lid it went flying everywhere, and all over my clothes, so I looked like a Twilight vampire for the rest of the day..

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Nailesign: Effie Trinket inspired nails

2012-07-19, at 22:30:00
My version of Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games) nails. I didn't really have a proper gold polish, so I had to do my best with what I had. There's also a very fine glitterpolish over all the nails, that you can't really see on the second picture.
Not my best nails, that's for sure, but they're alright, I guess. :)

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I'll be out there for the greater good.

2012-07-19, at 19:43:36
Can't get enough of OBatR. <3

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Vill du slejkas?..

2012-07-19, at 16:23:26
... eller ska vi dansa först?

That's the name of the summerplay the theater-people in my town have come up with.
I went to see it yesterday, and Good Godric, it was amazing!
They brought up quite heavy subjects, like violence, without making it too much. They poured in a bit of humour in there, and made us all laugh.
They really succeeded in making people feel.
The band that was amazingly talented too, so a big applause goes out to them. :)

My town isn't very big, nor is it very interesting, but I've always thought we have a rich cultural life, and this is just more proof of that.

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Yesterday's Facelook

2012-07-19, at 13:21:57
Yesterday's facelook.

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Like a Rolling Stone

2012-07-18, at 15:36:15
I was so annoyed with this t-shirt, that just before I left for camp, I decided to cut open the neck a bit.
At the camp though, I realized that the t-shirt is made out of a very stretchy material, and that it was slowly stretching so the hole just became bigger and bigger, so I kinda had to watch out all the time, because otherwise I'd notice that "Ha... half of my bra is visible.."
I also redesigned my Mötley t-shirt a bit, but that one's so ugly now (don't ever trust me with a piece of fabric and scissors..), that I won't show it to you. :c

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Adele - One and Only

2012-07-18, at 14:53:21
Adele - One and Only, the amazing song that we played as a big band at the music camp this year. It's truly magical. <3
 You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day
Lose myself in time
Just thinking of your face

God only knows
Why it's taken me so long
To let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want

I don't know why I'm scared
I've been here before
Every feeling, every word
I've imagined it all
You'll never know, if you never try
To forgive your past, and simply be mine

I dare you to let me be, your
Your one and only
Promise I'm worth it
To hold in your arms
So come on
And give me a chance
To prove I am the one who can
Walk that mile
Until the end starts

If I've been on your mind
You hang on every word I say
Lose yourself in time
At the mention of my name

Will I ever know
How it feels to hold you close
And have you tell me
Whichever road I choose you'll go

I don't know why I'm scared
Cos I've been here before
Every feeling every word
I've imagined it all
You'll never know
If you never try
To forgive your past
And simply be mine

I dare you to let me be your
Your one and only
I promise I'm worth it
To hold in your arms
So come on
And give me a chance
To prove I am the one who can
Walk that mile
Until the end starts

I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart
I know it ain't easy
Giving up your heart (nobody's perfect)
I know it ain't easy (trust me I've learned it)
Giving up your heart (nobody's perfect)
I know it ain't easy (trust me I've learned it)
Giving up your heart (nobody's perfect)
I know it ain't easy (trust me I've learned it)
Giving up your heart (nobody's perfect)
I know it ain't easy (trust me I've learned it)
Giving up your heart

So I dare you to let me be your
Your one and only
I promise I'm worth it
To hold in your arms
So come on
And give me the chance
To prove I am the one who can
Walk that mile
Until the end starts
Come on
And give me a chance
To prove I am the one who can
Walk that mile
Until the end starts

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LR Colours - Nail Polish Remover Box

2012-07-17, at 22:17:03
My sister gave this to me before I left for camp, and it's completely saved my life!
I had just run out of nail polish remover, and was about to use the Konad one that smells of strawberries (ewwww!) when the brought me this!
I had a great deal of trouble getting the metal lid-thingy open though, maybe there was a certain way you were supposed to open it and I was just stupid, but I had to pierce the thing with a scissor and then cut it open.
Anyway, inside the jar, there's a sponge soaked in nail polish remover with a hole cut in it (you can't really see the hole in the picture, but it's there), that you press your finger down into, then you keep it there and rub your nail against the sponge, and the nailpolish comes off!

It's brilliant, it's quick, it's easy, and it doesn't smell that bad either (better than the sickeningly sweet scent of strawberries)!

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HIMYM evening

2012-07-17, at 20:02:57
After a whole day of walking and studying history (yes, you read this correctly, I've been studying history in the summer.. if Finnish and History class are double-booked, I at least want to pass one class), I'm now considering jumping into the shower, and then watching How I Met Your Mother for the rest of the evening..
Maybe even painting my nails.. We'll see about that. :)

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~Sitting on this bench~

2012-07-16, at 22:24:41
~Sitting on this bench~

For a brief moment
That bench, it was my home
We talked all day
And you played me a song

Never have I been happier
Than on that bench with you
It was nothing special
But I hope you felt it too

Now I'm lonely
And that bench
It breaks my heart
I can feel it tearing me apart

Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you
Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you
All alone, without you

We wrote our names upon it
So it would always be our place
And if I close my eyes
I can still picture your face

I wish that I could go back
To those times I spent with you
Even though smiling
Smiling was taboo

Now I'm lonely
And that bench
It breaks my heart
I can feel it tearing me apart

Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you
Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you
All alone, without you

And even though it sometimes creaked
It never fell apart
It was on that bench
You really captured my heart

Now I'm lonely
And that bench
It breaks my heart
I can feel it tearing me apart

Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you
Because I need you here
But there's nothing I can do
I'm sitting on this bench
All alone, without you

I'm sitting on this bench
Sitting on this bench
You know, I'm sitting on this bench
Sitting on this bench
Singing my song
All alone, without you

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Sturm und Drang - Molly the Murderer

2012-07-16, at 16:01:37
If you'd rather listen to it on Spotify, click >here<
In my opinion, Sturm und Drang have evolved and improved a great deal since their last album.
Their music has changed quite a lot, and I think there's more depth to this song than their earlier ones.
Still, I hate the title of the song (Molly the Murderer.. it's like "Ricky the Rocker", a song I wrote ages ago, completely tacky..), and I can still hear a great deal of their earlier songs in this song, just mixed up a bit.
It's also a bit.. boring.
But they certainly have improved and grown. :)

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To buy or not to buy?

2012-07-16, at 12:05:12
I saw these shoes in Spiritstore last week, and I kinda fell in love with them..
The problem is, they're like.. 190€, and I don't know if I feel like spending that much on shoes right now.

It's not like I don't have the money, it's just that I might need that money for other things. :/
They're just so goddamn beautiful though. </3

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July 15 - The end of our childhood

2012-07-15, at 20:49:15
Exactly a year ago, I was sitting at a restaurant in Copenhagen with my parents and a friend of my parents', watching heaps and heaps of Potterheads gather at the cinema, and I was so heartbroken because I wanted to see DH P2 too, but I couldn't, because I didn't have any tickets and I was flying home early the next day..

I "had to go to the bathroom" a gazillion times that evening, because I couldn't stand watching the Potterheads unite without me.

Back at the hotel that night, I actually cried, because the Harry Potter series had finally come to an end.
What I've only recently understood though, is that while the series may have ended, the magic has only just begun. ♥

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Smile, though your heart is aching

2012-07-15, at 18:45:28

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LSB - Heart

2012-07-15, at 18:20:36
I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, a long time ago now..

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Harry Potter Prequel - It All Begins

2012-07-14, at 16:38:21
Click the picture to get to the home page for this project. 
Okey, so I found this today, and it made my week. Or month. Or year. Or LIFE.
Sirius Black is my favourite character in the series, and I think it's wonderful that someone actually makes something like this, it shows us that the magic never really is over. <3

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It's time to say goodbye to this heart.

2012-07-14, at 12:28:39
You took half of me with you when you left..

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Butterfly fly away

2012-07-12, at 21:55:59
Just so you know, that butterfly was pretty dead.

I've been out for two walks today, to try to sort out my mind. Not too sure if it worked or not.
We also can't drink water normally right now, since some unfiltered water has mixed with the drinking water, so we have to boil the water before we drink it, or buy bottled water.
I had to boil the water that I was going to boil to get tea.

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2012-07-12, at 19:26:49
Ignore my weird face.
I tried the color bomb thingy, and this is the result. Instead of having a very orange-red-gingery color, it's now BOOOOOOM IN YOUR FACE-red. :)

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Summer of 69 - The Calcium Version

2012-07-12, at 17:28:20
I got my first real bible - bought it in Andorra
Read a story about a g-clef - it was a really good story
Then I went to a concert and screamed real hard
But Selena broke up - so Justin Bieber slurped soup
At Komp, we were supposed to create new lyrics for a song (which we drew from a box) that would contain four words (which we also drew from a box), in our groups.
Christian, Aki, Lucinda and I got the song "Summer of 69" and the words "Andorra", "bible", "g-clef" and "Justin Bieber".
Well.. at least we wrote something.

(And pssst, the boys weren't helping very much...)

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Stubborn like this

2012-07-11, at 20:56:45
Photographer: Emilia Granqvist
Okey, so what's going on in the pictures is that we're playing charades, Zota and I are on the same team and I'm trying to get him to go up there and do the charade. Quite obviously, he's refusing. Therefore, I'm hanging onto his arm, trying to drag him up to the middle of the circle, putting all my strength behind it. He barely moved an inch.
Not sure if he's abnormally strong, or if I'm abnormally weak.
All I know is that I miss him, so fudging much. <3

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Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

2012-07-11, at 20:13:29

One of the songs my ensemble worked on during Komp 2012, and a song the audience really seemed to like!
If you're one of those people who aren't very fond of YouTube, you can listen to the track on Spotify >here<.
I think it's a wonderful, wonderful song, and it was so fun to sing too! We really got the audience going. :)
I want to go back in time and live through that concert again. <3

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Shopping with grandma

2012-07-11, at 19:56:57
My grandma took me to Skanssi for a quick round of shopping yesterday, here's what I bought. :)
The shorts (which are a bit darker than they look on the pictures) are from Carlings, the jewelry from Glitter and the color creme from Clips.
I used the color creme today, and it really made my hair look a lot more fierce, although I don't know how long it will last.

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Hogwarts is my Home.

2012-07-10, at 14:40:14
This was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. <3
I'm going to be living in it from now on.

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Komp 2012

2012-07-09, at 19:22:24
Just came back from the music camp, and I must say, this has probably been one of the best (maybe even the best) weeks of my life.
Getting to know Zota better has been absolutely priceless, and I miss him so fudging much. <3

Lots of tears during the last evening, night and morning, I think Louise and I cried the most. Oh well.
And once again, everyone were so talented, and I'm so proud of what we managed to achieve during just a week.
I miss everyone from the camp. <3

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He's still standing!

2012-07-01, at 21:40:44
I first heard this song while watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and I kinda fell in love with it.
Then I heard it on the radio in the car today, and spent the 2 hour journey home listening to it on Spotify.
Checking the comments to this video makes me upset.
That he can't pronounce 's' correctly and that he doesn't have the vocal range he used to have isn't hardly his fault, is it?
Besides, the important things about singing are that you put your soul behind it, and that you pour all your emotions into it, which I think he does perfectly.

Elton is a legend, this song is amazing, and people complaining should just go to hell.
(I can't quite get over the fact that he looks a bit like my mum though...)

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