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2012-12-31, at 12:00:00
I thought I should tell you about some of my favourite apps, starting with two of the games that I've been playing for a few months now.
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North is a strategy/online game where you have to build your own city and have to find crests (by attacking Pictish camps) to earn a second city. You can join alliances to get help when you need it. You can also attack other players if you need resources, but be careful who you attack, because attacking someone from a big alliance isn't a very good move. 

I've been playing this game for like... 3 months now, and it's good fun! The game is completely free to download and use, although you can purchase Gems that you can use for upgrades, buying chests et.c. You also get a few gems for free when you start playing, and you can win them in different contests every now and then.
This is my city, called Hogwarts (because I'm awesome like that). On the screen you can see some of my buildings, my resources and the global chat/alliance chat. There are two different chats, the global chat and the alliance chat. In the global chat you can talk to everyone online, and in the alliance chat you can talk to those who belong to your alliance. The alliance chat is a good medium in case you need to ask others for resources.

(I'm level 34 now though, I took these screenshots a few days ago)
This is where I have my farms, mines et.c. By upgrading these, your resource productions increase. I'm amazed by the details in this game, and although it can feel a bit tedious to take care of your city sometimes, it's a nice feeling when you develop your city and your might increases.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth is basically very much like Kingdoms of Camelot, except the design is a bit different and you get to choose whether you want to fight for the Elves or the Dwarves. I'm an Elf, of course, and personally I like this game a lot better than Kingdoms of Camelot, it feels much more magical!

I've been playing this game for about two months, but I already have two cities in this game whereas I haven't succeeded with that yet in the other game. 

This is my city Reichenbach (named after Sherlock, of course) and here you can really see just how magical it looks. I love, love, love the design of this game!

These are my resource fields outside of Reichenbach, the surroundings are so beautiful with rivers and mountains! 

And this is my city Hogwarts (I ran out of names) which is quite new so it's not fully developed yet. I don't have very many resource fields, so it's not worth showing you that.

Both of these are amazing games that you should try out if you have a bit of spare time!

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Happy day!

2012-12-30, at 16:15:00
I couldn't sleep last night, because I was so excited. This feels like the night before Christmas used to feel when I was young, and I can hardly wait until I get to meet Christian again! We're picking him up at the terminal a bit before 8. Even though I'm tired and have a slight headache, it doesn't bother me at all because I'm just so fudging happy! I'm constantly checking his facebook location, to see if he's any closer yet (a while ago it completely spazzed out and said he was in Helsinki..)
I don't know if I will be able to post for a week or so, but I'll prepare timed posts for you to read. :)
Hope you won't miss me, even though I'll miss blogging!

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The laughs you hear on TV...

2012-12-29, at 16:54:44

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Orly: Can't Be Tamed.

2012-12-29, at 16:26:13
1. Orly: Can't Be Tamed in the bottle.
2. Orly: Can't Be Tamed on top of O.P.I: Live and Let Die.
When I photographed the polishes I got for Christmas, I completely forgot to show you this gorgeous polish from Orly. It's a very glammy, purple glitterpolish that acts as a topcoat. I am so in love with this polish, and I've already thought of a thousand different manicures that I'm going to use it for!

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O.P.I Skyfall Collection: Live and Let Die.

2012-12-29, at 16:17:32
So this is what the Live and Let Die polish looks like on your nails. It was really hard to capture the colour, but it looks very black on the nails. In the right light, though, it looks more green like it does in the bottle.
I think it's a gorgeous colour, brilliant if you want something darker but you feel like black is too dull.

Like I already said,  the formula is amazing, and two thin coats is enough for an even coverage.

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Lana Del Rey - Ride.

2012-12-28, at 23:16:07
I used to think Lana Del Rey was overrated and that her music was dull, but I've fallen completely head-over-heels in love with her song "Ride"! It's wonderful, and even though some claim it's "suicide music" I love it because when I listen to it I can really feel all of my pent-up emotions, anger and frustration flow through the song.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy.

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2012-12-28, at 00:16:58
I used to follow Bertie on youtube, but for some reason I stopped watching his videos a while ago. This is the last video of his I can remember watching, and it was published eight months ago. He looked like his old self here, a cute blonde boy, kind of a mix between Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe. Gorgeous, funny. I was really attracted to him back then.

Today I decided to check his channel again, I don't really know why. But I am so glad I did, because this is what he looks like now:

I was so shocked when I first saw him! His hair is kind of silver/purple-ish platinum blonde right now, and he dresses impeccably. His videos are more serious, and his acting (note: he's not the person singing in the video, in case you didn't get that) is amazing. He's such a fit bloke and I absolutely love his hair!

BriBry's done an amazing job with the song too, and since it's a charity single, you can make a donation >here< if you feel like it.
With a head as muddled and cloudy as mine
And a heart that's winning races in record time
And a town crier who is seldom heard
Or a novel writer with no words

But every last detail, and every little problem took

You have been everything to someone like me
You have done all the things I didn't do for you

A mind so cynical for a happy faith
With sense, you'd have took my hand and left this place
Conjoined, but never on the same page
Oh would you have stuck around if I acted my age?

But every last detail took

You have been everything to someone like me
You have done all the things I didn't do for you

(Every last detail)
You have been everything to someone like me
You have been everything to someone like me
You have done all the things I didn't do for you

You have been everything to someone like me
You have been everything

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2012-12-27, at 21:32:00
I'm so sorry for my low updates, but I'm still shocked after Merlin and in no mood to do anything else than to watch Merlin videos and cry over their horrible destinies.

I started reading Inkhear again though, because I have to read it for Swedish class. I'm nearly finished with it, I only have 100-150 pages left, and I must say that I understand why I fell in love with the book in the first place. It's so magical, and I love the whole concept of the book! Several times, when I was younger, I tried reading myself into a book, or reading someone out of a book. I desperately wanted to read Dustfinger out of the book, because he's the first fictional character that I ever fell in love with. Paul Bettany did a great job portraying him in the movie!
If you haven't read/seen it yet, you definitely should! :)

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Evanna Lynch.

2012-12-26, at 22:08:44
This is kind of a response to Victoria's post about someone who's inspired her, because I really felt like I need to write about Evanna Lynch. Evanna's the girl who plays Luna in Harry Potter, and Luna's my favourite female character.

I absolutely adore Evanna because she is Luna. She's just as quirky and smart as Luna, she's cute, sweet, funny, loving, caring, adorable, pretty et.c. She is gorgeous! She's conquered anorexia and she's a beautiful role model to young girls everywhere. She's inspired me to really show my quirky, weird self and not to be afraid to be who I am. Evanna's the kind of person that I want to become someday!
She's also the only girl that I'd say yes to a date with in a heartbeat! <3
I'm in love with her silver blue eyes.

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Colin! Bradley! Roadtrip!

2012-12-26, at 15:01:59
So Merlin ended on Christmas Eve, and it really broke my heart. I loved the end, because it followed the Arthurian Legend, but I hated it because it was so saaaaaaad. It was a million times worse than Sherlock - The Reichenbach Fall, and I thought THAT hurt. Turns out I was wrong. 
I did write my own Merlin fanfic with an alternative ending to the whole series, which may contain spoilers, but you can read it >here< if you feel like it.
I'm also going to link a few videos where Colin and Bradley (Colin plays Merlin and Bradley plays Arthur in the series) are investigating the Arthurian Legend to see if there's any actual truth behind it. They're so funny, and even if you haven't seen the Merlin series, you can definitely watch this. (Bradley's soooo yummy, it's worth watching the whole thing just to drool over him)
Colin's Irish accent is cute beyond words! (I just found out I have the same birthday as him, I'm ridiculously happy right now!)


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Some of my Christmas presents.

2012-12-25, at 16:59:17
J.K.Rowling - The Casual Vacancy, M.K.Hume - Clash of Kings
I've been longing to read The Casual Vacancy ever since it was released, and I finally got it for Christmas! 
The other book is a book about Merlin, that JamJam gave me, and I'm sooo glad she did because I'm going to need something to substitute for the series.
Samsung Galaxy Note.
Because my phone has been so fudged up lately, and because the screen has been cracked for ages now, I wished for a new phone for Christmas. I got a Samsung Galaxy Note, and I'm very pleased, although a bit confused because the battery's supposed to last for at least a day, and my battery's running very low after just a few hours of using it.

O.P.I - Live and Let Die.
I got one of the nailpolishes from O.P.I's SkyFall collection. It's very hard to catch the colour on picture, but it's a dark green kind of colour, almost blackish, with a light shimmer/tiny flecks of glitter. It's gorgeous, and I'll show you what it looks like on the nails later. The formula is the best I've ever tried, and you can really feel that this is an expensive, quality polish, unlike H&M polishes et.c.

The Golden Snitch.
My sister gave this to me, and I'm so glad she did, because it was the only Harry Potter-related thing I got.
I love it! <3
H&M Nail Polish Kit, Orly nail polish.
Gorgeous colours from H&M, and another quality nailpolish by Orly.
Lip Smackers.
Wonderful lipbalms that smell (and taste) just like the drinks!

A baby blue onepiece with penguins on it, Sherlock hoodie from
The onepiece is a gift that I really don't know what to make of it, I mean, I don't like onepieces and I'm not very fond of penguins. It's not very comfortable and it's terribly warm. Although I suppose I might wear it if it gets really (extremely) cold or something.

The Sherlock hoodie is amazing, it's the same model as my Hogwarts hoodie but a size smaller. It fits perfectly, but is still big enought to feel comfortable and cosy in. The print's wonderful too, I love the Union Jack background of it!

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Christmas Outfit.

2012-12-25, at 14:51:56
This is what I wore for Christmas yesterday. It might now be very Christmassy, but it was super comfortable!
The make-up was just a simple brown smoky eye with kohl eyeliner applied with a brush.

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To my dearest Zota.

2012-12-24, at 14:22:56
I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and say that I miss you terribly much and that I wish you were here right now. I love you! <3

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Judy Garland - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

2012-12-24, at 12:43:07
Merry Christmas to you all, and if you celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day (like you should..) then merry almost-Christmas! :)
It's snowing outside and my Christmas spirit has finally arrived. I'm so excited about all of the presents underneath the Christmas tree, and still terrified because tonight the very last Merlin episode will be on.
I'm waiting for JamJam to arrive so we can exchange gifts, and then I have to get ready for our Christmas family dinner, so I have no idea whether I'll be able to post any more today. 
If not, then I wish you a very merry Christmas! <3

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The day before Christmas.

2012-12-23, at 22:14:00
It's the day before Christmas, and I've watched Så Ska Det Låta and Svensson Svensson (both Christmas themed) so far and now I'm watching Bingolotto's Uppesittarkväll. I still don't feel like it's Christmas tomorrow though, it's like the magic of Christmas has disappeared a bit.

In November I longed for Christmas and listened to Christmas music all the time, but as soon as December came along all of that disappeared.

By the way, I'm thinking of making a vlog, but I don't know what I should vlog about. Any suggestions?

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Next year's Christmas gifts?

2012-12-23, at 20:55:59
Canon Eos M and Velbon DF-60.
For a long time now I've been thinking about getting a tripod, but I think I should get a better camera first. It was just lately that I started thinking about buying a new camera, because I started putting more effort into my blog (I hope you can see that?) and I want to take better pictures. 

The camera's kind of expensive, and even though I'd certainly have enough money to buy it myself, I might need that money when I move away from home so I'd rather save it. And since I'm getting a new phone this Christmas, I'll have to wait until next year. Sigh.

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Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me

2012-12-23, at 19:20:49
I know most people don't like Bieber, and I can't say I'm a huge fan of his either, but I really like this video!
I spent like half an hour watching this video yesterday, and you have to admit, Justin's gorgeous!

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New In.

2012-12-23, at 15:20:50
Shirts - Carlings, Shorts - Cubus, Books - Akademiska.
I'm in love with all of the clothes I bought yesterday, the lace shirt feels like it'd look terrific with a top underneath on a warm summer day. They had it in black too, but it was much prettier in white. The Union Jack shirt is so going to be my new favourite, it's comfortable and I love it!
The shorts are the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn, they're high waisted and very short. They're absolutely gorgeous! There were many other gorgeous things I wanted to buy in Cubus, but I ran out of time.

The bookstore was terribly crowded, and you had to take a number and then wait for your turn. When I got my number, it was number 59's turn, and I had number 95, so I waited there for a while.. I'm so pleased that I found a Nicholas Sparks book though, and Night Circus is a book that I've heard much praise about so I decided to buy that one too.

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Adele and Carly Rae Jepsen

2012-12-23, at 12:46:30
Mindfuck! Adele looks much older, she sounds much older and her music is so much more mature!
When I first saw Carly, I thought she was like.. 16-18 or something, and I still think she looks, sounds and acts like it. 

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Spoiler Alert: Merlin - The Diamond of the Day, Part 1

2012-12-22, at 23:19:24
The Mayans were wrong. The end of the world didn't happen yesterday, but it will happen this Monday, at least for me it will. That's when the very last episode of Merlin will be released.

This episode was already heartbreaking, but the trailer for the last episode was the thing that finally killed all of my hope. Gwen, sitting on her throne, alone, crying. According to the original Arthurian legend, King Arthur dies in the Battle of Camlann, which is exactly what's going to occur in the next episode.

The last line of the trailer, when the screen went black, and you heard Merlin's voice saying "I'm a sorcerer. I have magic" It's just not fair. Some think it might be Merlin saying it to Arthur's corpse. I refuse to believe that.
This. shit. hurts.

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EffieStardust: Becoming The Mad Hatter

2012-12-22, at 20:25:03
This is a girl that I've been following for a while now, but this is definitely my favourite tutorial of hers. 
I love her Mad Hatter look, and I love Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter!

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Bon Jovi - Always

2012-12-22, at 16:41:16
When I first came in contact with Bon Jovi, I was about 9 or something, and I had just gotten my first computer. The computer was my mum's old computer, and she hadn't bothered to delete the music she had on it, so I found a couple of Bon Jovi songs and instantly fell in love. I'm not quite sure on which album it was, but I'm thinking it might be Cross Road. 

Living on a prayer used to be my favourite song until we sang it in music class in 8th or 9th grade and I lost all interest in it because we completely destroyed it. Sadly, I haven't been able to listen to it since.

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2012-12-22, at 16:20:44
I threw in some of my nutri color cream-thingy last Wednesday, so my hair is pooof red again, and a lot shinier. 
(And as I indicated earlier, I only had like 10 minutes to get dressed et.c. this morning, so I look kind of crappy today. :c )

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Christmas flower.

2012-12-22, at 12:32:10
Mum bought me the cutest flower ever, and I just had to take a picture of it now, because if I know myself correctly, it's going to be dead within 48 hours.

Btw, don't you just hate it when you're still in your pajamas and your mum and dad suddenly tell you you're going somewhere and that you're leaving in 10 minutes, so you have to get dressed and get some make-up on at the speed of light?

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WTF of the Day

2012-12-21, at 21:53:29
I actually heard this song for the first time today, and my first thought was "What the actual fuck?" 
So apparently, this is the next Gangnam Style, and I'm quite ashamed to say that the song is actually growing on me..

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O.P.I - SkyFall Collection.

2012-12-21, at 16:55:07
I just found out that O.P.I have released a SkyFall collection, which is very unfortunate because these polishes would have been at the top of my wishlist for Christmas. It's too late for that now though, but you have to admit, they're gorgeous! Golden Eye, Casino Royal, Skyfall, Tomorrow Never Dies, On Her Majestys Secret Service and Live and Let Die are my favourites! I want them!

They've also released a polish called The Man With the Golden Gun which is a top coat with flecks of real gold in it. It's 45€ though, so I don't know how I feel about it..

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The life of a Harry Potter admin.

2012-12-21, at 16:28:00
I've been neglecting my duty as a Harry Potter admin lately, because of the final stress with school and the usual Christmas stress. That's why I've decided to make an enormous Harry Potter quiz, which means I'll be spending the remainder of the day flipping through my books with Harry Potter playing in the background.

For those of you who haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, I'm an admin on a Harry Potter page on Facebook, which means I post pictures, host quizzes, competitions et.c. It takes up a lot of my time, but it's well worth it, because you get to connect to Potterheads all over the world. :)

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2012-12-21, at 12:33:54
I finished decorating our gingerbread villa yesterday.
Goodmorning everyone! I had to get up at an ongodly hour today to go to church, but if already felt ok when we were practicing with the choir because it sounded amazing, and then when service began it was just simply amazing! Our principal cried when we sang (probably because this was her last service with this school before she retires) and the church was beautiful as always.

Afterwards we were served gingerbread and mulled wine on the churchyard, and it was so cosy even though it was cold as fudge! It was sad though, because I had to say goodbye and Merry Christmas to my friends, because I won't see them in a long time. 

Then I slept for like.. 3 hours. Because guess what? My Christmas break has officially started now, and I can do whatever I want! <3

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The word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out.

2012-12-20, at 19:28:17
I'm sorry that I haven't updated that much today, but I've been at our school's Christmas show. I didn't get a picture of my outfit or facelook, because it was already dark when I was ready.

This day has been utterly horrible. Our car's broken, I burned myself on my curling iron, I've missed Zota terribly much et.c. Right now I just feel like going to sleep, I have to be in church at 07:30 tomorrow, so I think I'm going to take a shower and then actually go to bed.

Hope you've had a better day than I have.

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Pottermore: PoA is out!

2012-12-20, at 18:38:29
The first part of The Prisoner of Azkaban is out on Pottermore now, go and check it out! 
And yes, I only have three points, because I've managed to blow up a cauldron or two, and then I gave up on potions..

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Almost French.

2012-12-20, at 10:45:00
I wanted something simple for Christmas, but I didn't want to do a french manicure because I'm still self-conscious about the length of my nails and a french would really show just how short they are. So I went for silver nails with a very thin blue stripe on the tip, which elongates my nails.

They look kind of crappy though, because I haven't done any nail-art in like... ages!

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2012-12-19, at 20:32:10
All of the pictures are clickable, so click the pictures and see where they take you. ;)
Alright, I feel like telling ya'll about a blog called jinxedv, which is run by my friend Victoria.  
This is her:

So as you can see, she's very beautiful and great with make-up. :)
She posts a lot of awesome music, inspirational pictures and she's writing her own novel called Den Sista Budbäraren (translation: The Last Messenger) which is amazing! 

Her blog is one of those blogs that really inspires you. <3

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Von Dy.

2012-12-19, at 16:58:16
My grandma just left, and I'm exhausted but I don't feel like sleeping right now. Instead I've just made myself a cup of coffee and am now going to watch the Advent Calender episodes that I've missed two days in a row.

Speaking of the Advent Calendar, when I checked the advent calendar over at today, I got a Greve Von Dy Chocolate Frog card! :')

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Christmas Collage.

2012-12-19, at 09:35:33
It's insane that this is our last proper day of school before Christmas break. I have my presentation after lunch (sorry that I'm going on and on about this, but I'm actually very nervous) and right now I'm sitting in the school library, doing nothing really. We get Christmas dinner for lunch today, but it usually isn't very good.

I thought that I'd be able to sleep after I get home today, but then I remembered that my grandma is coming to visit. Oh well, I haven't seen her in a while.

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Cuties of the Day.

2012-12-19, at 09:14:46
Love is love, no matter what your age, sex or race is. Neil and David are quite possibly the cutest couple on earth. And admit it, Neil's an amazing actor who manages to play a womanizer even though he's gay.


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The Voice - Hallelujah

2012-12-18, at 22:41:12
The coaches and the artists of The Voice (USA) made a tribute to the shooting in Conneticut, singing Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" and holding signs with the names and ages of the victims.

The song is beautiful, it's performed impeccably, but what really kills me; what really makes me cry, are the signs. To see the names, black and white, with ages like 7 and even 6 written on there... they were too young to die.

There's been a post circulating on Harry Potter pages on Facebook after the shooting:

"One of the children, a little girl, had wished for a new Harry Potte book for Christmas.
Hogwarts has welcomed her home."

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New In

2012-12-18, at 22:27:33

My mum and dad dragged me along to Skanssi, which is a mall halfway to Turku, today. I was horrified at first because I have my Swedish presentation tomorrow and I also have to hand in my History essay tomorrow, but later I realised that I'd have plenty of time to finish the history essay after I got home and that I was already done with my Swedish presentation. 

I bought owl earrings (love, love, love!) and a necklace from Glitter, and I think I'm going to wear them to our "Yule Ball" (for lack of better words) with my blue dress. Can't wait! 
My mum bought me a notebook that's divided into five sections, so you can have five subjects in the same notebook! The notebook's from a store called Tiger. The store was very weird with all sorts of weird things, but it was lovely! 

I also managed to buy a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, but that's a secret, so I won't show it here. ;)

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2012-12-18, at 14:48:00
This song has been played a lot on the radio lately, and I thought I'd give my opinion on it..

1. It's so repetitive it's giving me a headache.
2. This song doesn't make you want to party, even though many people seem to think so.
3. In what universe is this even music?!

It must have been really hard for and Spears to learn all of the lyrics for the song.

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The perfect dress.

2012-12-18, at 12:17:16
I just found the PERFECT dress on, and I think that this is the kind of dress I'd want to get married in! I'm always drawn to blue dresses because I'm a Ravenclaw (I feel guilty if I ever wear something red, green or yellow), and even though this dress would be a thousand metres too long for me, it'd still be perfect. 

I'm in love with it!

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Stressful life.

2012-12-17, at 23:08:25
What I feel like doing right now.
I've been struggling with my Swedish presentation all day today. It's due Wednesday, but because we have to have an extra choir practice tomorrow I'm going to be terribly stressed tomorrow. I've also managed to study some English and Finnish, and I was thrilled when I got all of the math problems right!

I feel like this is "the final push" right now, and it feels oddly satisfying to be this stressed. At the same time I can't wait until my Swedish presentation is over and my History essay-thingy is done. I'll still be stressed after that though, because I have to decorate our gingerbread villa, look up and practice reading the Christmas Gospel and buy a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. I'm sure you're not at all interested in reading about this right now, so I'll stop rambling about it. 

Anyway, I'm going to finish my Swedish presentation now and then I'm going to sleep. :3
Goodnight, my lovelies!

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Walking In The Air.

2012-12-17, at 16:35:00

The Snowman is one of my mum's favourite films, and although I can't remember ever watching the whole film, I'm in love with Walking in the Air. I've always listened to the classical version, with the English choir boy singing, but a few days ago I discovered Nightwish's cover, and I actually really like it. There's something very magical about Tarja's voice, and the other instruments in the song make a nice contrast to the classical singing.

I'll always love the original version though. <3

Which one do you like better? :)

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2012-12-17, at 10:26:20
hate the trailer for the next (and last) episode. A big fight and Merlin yelling "Noooooooooooooooo" can't be good!

My brain was a scumbag when I was trying to sleep yesterday, because I got a great idea for a Merlin fanfic just when I was about to fall asleep, so I had to write it down, which means I was writing until 12:30 a.m. when I could finally go to bed. 

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2012-12-16, at 20:09:00
© Emmi von Zweygbergk

Here's one of the pictures Emmi took of me today, and I think I might change my header into one of the pictures we took today. I look like an awkward penguin on this one though, haha!

It was great fun being photographed today, although slightly awkward at first. The funniest part was probably when we were out on our patio, and her tripod sank into a snowdrift because she didn't notice the patio ended so she placed one of the tripod-legs in the snow. 

Right now I'm waiting for the latest Merlin episode to load (I'm watching it online and the site I usually use is down until January 15th! How the fudge am I supposed to survive until then?!) and it's taking forever! I really hope it'll be worth it though. I think I might work on a presentation (the last one for this year!) while I wait though, it's about Fiodor Dostojevskij and Crime and Punishment... fun? I think not.

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Gingerbread villa: Part 1.

2012-12-16, at 19:22:00
Mum and I baked the pieces for our gingerbread villa today, before Emmi got here. It was quite stressful, and we had some troubles with getting the dough thin enough, so some of the pieces are extremely thick. 
This is the same gingerbread house we baked last year, which turned out really pretty!

We'll assemble it some other day though. :)

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2012-12-16, at 15:56:00
Sorry for the bad updates today, I've been busy with baking gingerbread and being photographed!
I have to study now, but I'll update with a sneak-peak of the pictures and some other stuff later.
See you later. <3

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2012-12-15, at 22:02:40
Mum bought me some socks, which she thought were plain black, so I got a slight shock when I opened the package. I don't know whether I should think that they're cute, or just hideous? :s

Anyway, I'm excited for tomorrow, because Emmi's going to photograph me, so I might possibly make a new header or something after that! Emmi's great with the camera! 

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The music tells me what to feel.

2012-12-15, at 20:49:33
This song has been on repeat in my ears for two days in a row now, there's something very addictive about it.

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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times...

2012-12-15, at 13:34:00
... if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Because of the shootings in America and the stabbings in China, I think it's important to remember that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, and that we're all eachother's lights.
I'd pray for the souls of the victims, for the families of the victims and for all those affected by this in any way, but since I don't believe in god, all I can do is to raise my wand. My heart goes out to all of them.
It's in moments like these that I fully understand just how powerful the Harry Potter-fandom is, because we're all raising awareness and trying to help in any way we can. I'm proud to say that I am a Potterhead, and that it's the very core of who I am.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

2012-12-14, at 19:14:55
JamJam and I saw this in the cinema when it first came out, but I've decided I feel like watching it again tonight.
The picture was actually gif's, so they have quite derpy faces..

Have you seen it? If yes, what did you think? :)

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New comments-section.

2012-12-14, at 15:28:49
I changed my design a bit, do you like it?
Personally I love the feeling of this old, worn Union Jack! 

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Does it really snow in heaven?

2012-12-14, at 13:38:04
This is my friend's song, we've been to the same music camp for a few years now, and at our private concert last summer he sang this song. He's written it himself, and it's heartbreakingly beautiful. 
You should definitely listen to it!

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2012-12-14, at 12:54:56
Two hours of History with a different teacher (he's actually studying to become a teacher and it kind of looked like his hair had exploded, and he was really nervous - poor guy), an English presentation about The Last Song  (that I got a 10 in!!!) and another hour of English, then dad picked me up and we went to a café and to the store.
That's been my day so far, and even though I still feel sick and tired (I had a hard time falling asleep last night) I've had far too much caffeine today to even think about sleeping.

Therefore I think I'll watch The Big Bang Theory and admire my new can of Dr.Pepper. 
(The diet Dr.Pepper is ten times worse than the ordinary one, and I don't even like ordinary Dr.Pepper.. but it's Hawkeye, I can't just not buy it!)

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2012-12-13, at 21:16:58
We went sledding in P.E. today, and first we had to walk to the golf course in a snowstorm, then when we got there we should already have started walking back in order to get back to school before 3:30 but nooo, the teachers insisted that we'd stay there for at least 20 minutes, which means I got home at 4 today and collapsed on my bed. I'm tired as fudge, I have a headache and I feel slightly feverish.

Anyway, sledding was fun! Malin and I decided to ride on the same sled, which means the person in the front got covered in snow on the way down. We took turns though, so it was alright!

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A hate/hate relationship.

2012-12-13, at 20:07:14
I think my phone hates me just as much as I hate it. It randomly dismounted my SD-card today, so I took the battery and the SD-card out, and then put them back in again. This is what greeted me when I tried to turn on the phone again.

Is this the android version of the blue screen of death or something?
I got my phone working again by removing and replacing the battery again, but I'm still worried about this..

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Santa Lucia

2012-12-13, at 08:42:49
It's Lucia today, and we started our schoolday with mulled wine and gingerbread, while the boys had their Lucia procession. Sam, who's our exchange student from America, was Lucia, which made things a whole lot funnier.
I just finnished writing my Finnish essay (crap crap crappity crap) and I have maths in a while. We'll go sledding in P.E. Woohoo, or something? It was either that or skiing, and like.. 30 people will go sledding and only a few will go skiing.

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Ginger hair.

2012-12-12, at 19:41:07
I just realised that I've had the same hair colour for over a year now, which I think is the longest time I've had the same (dyed) hair colour. I'm planning on dying my hair ginger after I tire of the red, and I'm already starting to become excited about that! I want to dye it ginger now, but since I just dyed my hair red again, I think I'll wait until after Christmas at least. I'm worried because I'd have to bleach my hair a lot before I'd be able to dye it ginger in order for it to become the ginger shade I want.
What do you think about ginger hair? Hot/not?

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Guess what I'll be doing tonight?

2012-12-12, at 14:21:32
Watching the Last Song could actually be called research in my case, haha! :3

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2012-12-12, at 09:46:06
Mooorning to you all! I'm currently in school, working on my English speech about The Last Song (since I don't have class right now). 

We just wrote compositions in English class, and I was the second to last person who left the room, because when I counted my words I thought I had around 300 words (our limit was 250 words) and I started erasing a lot, but then I counted the words again and noticed I had far less than 250 words, so I had to re-write everything I had erased. Gah!

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The perfect hair.

2012-12-11, at 21:59:30
So today I tried to wear my hair like Miley did at the beginning of The Last Song, but I didn't quite remember how far down the elastic was supposed to be placed, so my hair ended up looking nothing like hers.
Miley's hair is, for that matter, the most perfect hair in the world. I love her waves, and I've always wanted naturally curly/wavy hair, but unfortunately my hair is dead set on being straight and boring. 

Miley's actually one of the prettiest girls in the world too, I love everything about the way she looks, and I especially like the way she looks in The Last Song. She's amazingly beautiful!

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Perfect Christmas music.

2012-12-11, at 19:36:31
I've showed you a video of this guy before, but I found this today, and I love all of the songs he plays in this medley!
He's amazingly talented, and I've been listening to this ever since I got home from school today, I'll never grow tired of it!

It feels weird that it's Christmas in less than two weeks, but at the same time, it's a completely amazing feeling! 
Something far less amazing though, is that today we were told that the whole school has to be in church at 8:15 a.m. on Friday before Christmas. And since I'm in the school choir, I have to be there about an hour in advance. I am not amused.

We also have to go skiing in P.E. this Thursday, which I suppose doesn't sound that bad, but I have bad memories related to skiing. What's even worse is that our school will go downhill skiing sometime this winter (I suppose it's an annual thing?), which I have never done and never will do. I am terrified of heights, and after seeing my friend tumbling down the hill like a giant snowball, I've lost all interest in such activities.

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2012-12-11, at 16:33:52
I'm sorry for the terrible quality, but this is what I look like today. Pink shirt, shorts and (stupidly enough) my American Converse.

I'm not at all pleased with the Finnish presentation (don't get me wrong, Emmi was great, it's just that I hate Finnish, I have no interest in it and I can't speak Finnish either), I got an 8-, and for those of you not familiar with the way or grades work, 10 is the best result you can get.

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Bad blogger!

2012-12-10, at 22:55:00
Edit: I just realised we've made a typo. "mottoritie," like, really?! I'm quite sure I wrote "moottoritie." 

I'm so very sorry for my inactivity today, but this is what I've been up to all day today. I've been writing a Finnish presentation with Emmi, on oil leakage in the Baltic Sea. Like Finnish wasn't difficult enough without giving us such a terrible topic. Emmi has a Finnish parent, so at least she'll be all right. I find it very weird that we can both sit in our own rooms, in our own homes, and still work on the same powerpoint, it's amazing! 

I really couldn't sleep last night. When I went to bed at half past 11, I tried to lie as still as possible, but everything I could think was "I'm not tired... but I have to sleep... but I'm not tired!" 
Then I spent a few hours tossing and turning, and I remember checking the time at half past two, and I still wasn't tired at that point.
After that I drifted asleep somehow, but I woke up every five minutes or so, landing me on a total of two hours of sleep. I wasn't really that tired in school though, just very, very hyperactive. And very, very cranky. I'm not a pleasant person to be around when I'm tired.

I start at 10 tomorrow, so at least I'll get some sleep tonight. So I'm going to go and ZzzzZzZzzzzZZzzz now, sleep tight! <3

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Cutie of the Day.

2012-12-10, at 17:34:45
Little ball of fur. <3

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Things to do this Winter.

2012-12-10, at 12:18:32
What I'm going to do this winter. :3

And I've got a new goal for next summer, I'm going to learn how to unicycle, thanks to Jack Harries.

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Snowy Day.

2012-12-09, at 21:29:07
It started snowing again today, first it was like big snowflakes falling down slowly, and then it started just pouring down. 

I slept over 11 hours last night, and I have no idea how in Merlin's name I managed to do that. I went to bed early, before 1 a.m. and thought I'd wake up early too, but when I woke up and looked at the clock, it was a quarter past 12. Shock of my life. It wasn't any pleasant 11 hours either, because I had terrible nightmares about a zombie apocalypse, which I think might be linked to the fact that I couldn't say goodnight to my beloved boyfriend last night, which always leaves me anxious. 

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Jack & Finn.

2012-12-09, at 13:52:43
I found this channel yesterday (why didn't I find it earlier???) and I must say, these two are the most perfect British boys I've seen so far. I mean, they're gorgeous, I love their accents and asdfghjkl they're too cute for words! <3

I also like Finn's jumper, it reminds me of a Weasley sweater. And Finn's room is sooooo cosy!
And this is Jack's video:

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2012-12-09, at 11:59:46
The new episode of Merlin, The Kindness of a Stranger, came out yesterday, so like I do every Sunday I'm now going to watch Merlin, and forget about everything else for a while. I'm particularly nervous about this episode, because in the preview that was shown in the end of the last episode, it really looked like Merlin died...
I guess I'll find that out now, won't I?

Do any of you watch Merlin? I'd love to talk to someone who does. :)

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To Make You Feel My Love

2012-12-08, at 21:53:22
My boyfriend's off at a Scorpions gig (the last one ever, if I'm not mistaken?) so I'm stuck at home with no one to talk to. When you text eachother basically 24/7, and that's the only contact you have with eachother, it's strange not to talk to eachother for a whole day. It's... nice, in a way, but it makes you feel very lonely too.

I'm just going to cuddle with my cat for a while now, then go to bed early so I can start with my school work early tomorrow, since I haven't even glanced at any of that during my long weekend. The only thing that worries me is the Finnish speech I'm supposed to have with Emmi on Tuesday, and we haven't even started yet..

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The Avengers.

2012-12-08, at 18:53:58
I just forced my mum to watch The Avengers with me, because I found a good site where you could watch it online, and though she wasn't as amazed as I was the first time I saw it, she definitely liked it and she said she was shaking afterwards. 

And, again, I cried when Iron Man almost died at the end. When Captain America said he would never sacrifice himself, he was clearly wrong. It seems like Tony Stark does have a heart after all.

Have you seen The Avengers? If you have, what did you think of it? 

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Christmas Market

2012-12-08, at 13:48:00
I just came home from the Christmas Market here in town, it's amazing how many people were there! I love the Christmas market, it's so cosy, although it was terribly cold. I feel sorry for those who work there today, who have to stay out in the cold all day.

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Safe and Sound (Cover)

2012-12-08, at 09:59:55

After watching The Hunger Games yesterday, I got an urge to make a cover of Safe and Sound, which I did.
Although it's kind of crappy. And a cappella. Oh well.

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The Hunger Games

2012-12-08, at 09:43:05
I decided to watch The Hunger Games again yesterday, since I've only watched it once (in the cinema) before. 
I'm definitely moved by the movie, I love it, and I love the books. It doesn't feel like I really belong to the fandom though, sadly.
I tried being a Hunger Games admin at the start of my admin career, but I realised I don't know enough about The Hunger Games to host quizzes, and I'm not passionate enough to spend hours on end searching for the perfect pictures to post.

This song was played in the ending credits (yes, I watched those) and I completely fell in love with it, it's so beautiful!

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No more Netflix.

2012-12-07, at 18:47:16
My mum got Netflix a few days ago, and today I decided to hijack her account to check out what movies they have, but alas, I was terribly disappointed. They have Iron Man and Doctor Who, and I don't know about Sherlock or The Big Bang Theory, but I'm missing Merlin, The Hunger Games, The Avengers and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. I'm terribly, terribly disappointed!
Another big disappointment was that my Netflix was in Finnish, so if you wanted to search for something, you had to know the Finnish name for the series or the movie.

What do you think of Netflix?

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The Last Song

2012-12-07, at 15:31:36
I've spent all day today reading, finishing The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, the book that I'm reading for English class. This book never fails to make me cry, and it never fails to make me feel high on love.
It's amazing, I absolutely love it, and if you haven't read it yet, you really should. Like, really.
I just strolled down to the store to pick up some groceries, and now I've made myself some dinner, since mum won't be home until 6 tonight, and I think I'm going to watch an episode or two of The Big Bang Theory.
Actually, I should watch The Last Song and compare it to the book, but I don't think I can handle any more crying tonight...

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A perfect December day.

2012-12-06, at 18:33:20
Whiskey scared me half to death again today. He usually comes home every morning, but at 2 p.m. today he still hadn't come home, so I went out looking for him, fearing that he'd been run over by a car or something.
I was out looking for him for quite a while, but with no results. A few minutes after I had returned home, though, he sat outside the kitchen window.

Apart from this incident, this day has been quite uneventful, I've managed to clean the house and then I spent a few hours reading with Whiskey sleeping next to me on the bed, occasionally pecking a small kiss on top of his head, earning myself a grumpy glare.

I feel like this has been a perfect December day, though. A short stroll in the snow (thanks to Whiskey's disappearance), spending the day in my cosy bed, eating rice pudding, and now it's time for the President's Ball. It is, after all, our day of independence.

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The Dress

2012-12-06, at 11:22:05
I'm sorry you have to look at the picture on the right, but taking a photo through the mirror was the only way I could get the whole dress on the picture.

I'm so in love with this dress though, the colour's amazing and I love how it flows when I walk. I'm not quite sure whether I should wear my spiked shoes or my Jeffrey Campbells, though.

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Shit Sherlock Fans Say

2012-12-05, at 21:53:19
My. Life. Exactly!

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White Christmas

2012-12-05, at 21:49:26
My old Christmas Tree was falling to pieces (my dad and I had to use quite a lot of duct tape to get it to stand properly) but when I came home from school today, a surprise was waiting for me.

Mum and dad had bought me a small Christmas Tree, that's white, stylish and sooooo cute!

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'Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

2012-12-05, at 14:17:55
I managed to find a pink shirt when I went shopping yesterday. I also bought the most beautiful dress ever, and I'll probably show you that tomorrow when I have better light to photograph in, the sun's already setting (even though you haven't seen much of it at all today).

I don't have any school tomorrow or on Friday, which I'm very happy about. Dad asked me to clean the house while mum's at work tomorrow though, as a surprise or something, which I suppose is the least I can do...
I also have to continue working on my novel, blog, work on a few projects and speeches and finish my novel for English class. I decided to read The Last Song instead of Water for Elephants.

History class today was amazing! We talked about pirates (and a lot of other things) and we got to leave 15 minutes earlier because our teacher needed to catch a bus. Awesome!

I also had a talk with my class' mentor today, because she's supposed to talk to all of us individually to make sure we feel comfortable in our school and that we feel like we've got everything under control. She told me my grades are amazing, and then told me it's important that I don't become too stressed or that I think that a failure means the end of the world. It's amazing how much the staff in our school cares about the students!

How has your day been? :)

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Skyfall is where we start.

2012-12-04, at 21:44:00
I just noticed this video on youtube, and I really, really, really want to watch the movie again! I know I've written about Skyfall a gazillion times already, but it's just that amazing!

Something that still annoys me though, is that in the movie Bond steps out of the ventilation shaft in the London Underground, and absolutely no one reacts. I mean, that place was full of people, you'd think that at least someone would glance at him in a weird way, but they all just kept walking as if they hadn't seen anything. Or is it normal to have people climbing in and out of ventilation shafts in the Underground?

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2012-12-04, at 15:31:48
Crappy campictures, but this is basically what I look like today. Plus black leggings. 
I'm going shopping in a while, and I'm probably going to buy some Christmas gifts, and I'll also try to look for a nice, white shirt.

Something I noticed in school today is that we have our own Advent Calendar, where the name of a random student gets posted on the door every day, and that person receives a small gift (I think) from the principal. It's a small gesture, but it's fun and it adds so much excitement to this month! 
Another reason to add to the list of why I love my school! :)

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Sleepy kitty

2012-12-04, at 12:16:03
Whiskey has found a new favourite place to sleep; in dad's bag where he keeps his work clothes. I wonder how much cat fur that's stuck on them right now? And the worst thing is that the fur is almost impossible to get off your clothes.

He's so cute when he sleeps in there though. But, you know, he's always cute.

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Notting Hill

2012-12-03, at 22:26:17

After an evening full of reading The Last Song (because our teacher told us we can't read Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Scumbag teacher), my mum informed me that Notting Hill was on channel 10, so I recently switched over (about halfway through the movie, and it just ended) to watch the rest all cosied up in bed. Notting Hill is really one of my favourite movies, it's so romantic and Hugh Grant is so gorgeous!
School starts at 10 tomorrow for me, but I'm still going to go to bed now to catch up on some lost sleep. 
Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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December, the Friday of months.

2012-12-03, at 17:52:01
I have a huge problem right now. My brain has already gone on Christmas vacation, while I still have three speeches to give, two essays to write and a book to read. December really is the Friday of months, and then of course you have to work your arse off before you finally get that much awaited break.
Then, on top of all the schoolwork, there's also the usual Christmas stress with buying gifts and wrapping them and whatnot. 

Oh well, I'll just have to struggle through it. How about you, do you feel stressed before Christmas?

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Nerina Pallot - All Bets Are Off

2012-12-03, at 08:55:12
In love with this song right now. <3

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Hermione Hair

2012-12-03, at 08:01:42
Excuse my ugliness yet again, but I decided to try the sock bun curling method yet again yesterday, and this is what I ended up with. I give up, I quit, I just can't curl my hair with a sock bun! It looks terrible, and I look worse than Hermione.

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Shel Silverstein

2012-12-02, at 20:08:30

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Ed Sheeran - Wayfaring Stranger

2012-12-02, at 15:20:49
Gives me goosebumps. All hail the Ginger Jesus. <3

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SPOILER ALERT: With All My Heart

2012-12-02, at 14:14:49
I just finished watching the With All My Heart episode of Merlin (the latest episode) and finally everything seems to become a little brighter! (That's Merlin in the picture above, by the way)

I hate that they have small previews of the next episode at the end of every episode though, it looked terrifyingly much like Merlin dies in the next episode. I really, really don't want to watch it...
It could happen, though, and that's what scares me. Because season 5 is the last season, and the next episode would be episode 10. Every season so far has been 13 episodes long, this would leave Arthur and the others 3 episodes to.. I don't know, run around and mourn or something. Or to realise that Merlin was actually a sorcerer  and the braves man they ever knew, and build a statue in memory of his brave deeds. Although that seems highly unlikely.

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Mint green and baby pink.

2012-12-02, at 11:42:23
Jeans - Diesel, Sweater - H&M, Shirt - H&M, Necklace - H&M.

I already have the mint sweater, but I've been thinking that it'd be really cool to have a shirt underneath with a necklace like the one above. I'm going shopping next Tuesday, so I might buy something like this then!

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Concert day.

2012-12-01, at 20:26:34
We had a schoolconcert today, and I sang in the choir. I wasn't too sure on my voice, but our history teacher (who sing in a real choir) looked happy, so I guess we were ok then!

Then the bands from second year and third year played, I had no idea we had such talented musicians in our school! They were amazing, and very funny. Loved it!

My arm really hurts now though, because I walked into the grand piano. And I've realised that now that I have almost no schoolwork that needs to be done, I'm terribly lazy and unproductive. I haven't written a single word on my book, or any other story for that matter, in several weeks. 
I'm almost bored to death, and for some reason I've just felt terribly depressed for a few days now. 

Oh well, next weekend is a long weekend due to Finland's Independence Day, which is always nice.
And December's here, I'm supposed to be happier than ever. I'll have to work on this.

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What's My Age Again?

2012-12-01, at 15:15:16
I was watching a tv-show with mum yesterday when they sang Blink 182 - What's my age again? in a choral version, and I absolutely loved it, so I looked it up on youtube.

It's absolutely awesome, isn't it?

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