Nailtip: Cracked nail?

2012-04-27, at 22:29:43

Are you trying to grow your nails out, but then one of them cracks or chips a bit?
Don't fret, there's an easy way of repairing your nail!
You just cut open a teabag and empty out the tea, then you take a small piece of the "paper" and glue it onto the crack with either nailglue (the stuff you use for loose nails) or a topcoat/basecoat, then put on another coat of it and file it down with a smooth file and then it shouldn't be very visible anymore.

I did it on some of my nails today, you can see the crack on the left side of my thumb nail, but you can't see the paper. And I only used a topcoat, so good luck with repairing your nails now!

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Romione HC

2012-04-26, at 19:33:18
Hermione was lying in bed, reading a book about Nargles (flooed to her by her schoolfriend Luna, it was her husband's latest work), waiting for Ron to finish tucking the children in for the night.
She looked up as the door creaked open, and saw Ron carefully closing it behind him, so as not to wake the children up again. He then turned towards her and looked at her with curious eyes, a small flush evident on his cheeks. Hermione thought it was cute, it complimented his hair nicely.
He was also hiding something behind his back, and it seemed like he was gathering up the courage to ask her something.
"Ehh, Hermione? You know I've never been much of a reader, but I really want to understand your Muggle life.. So I'm wondering if you could... if you could read this to me?" he said, as he showed her the book he had been hiding.
Hermione smiled when she saw that it had "Cinderella" written in big letters on the cover.
She giggled happily and started reading as Ron got comfortable in the bed next to her, leaning his head on her shoulder.
"And so they lived happily ever after," she finished.
They lay cuddled up after turning off the lights, and Hermione was just about to drift asleep, when Ron mumbled a little sleepily, "That's us.. We'll live happily ever after," and then he fell asleep.
That was the first time Ron heard a Muggle fairytale, and after that, Hermione read him one after the children went to bed every Friday night.

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Miracle creams

2012-04-26, at 19:31:34

My mum bought me this a few days ago, it's supposed to help against my red cheeks, and she said it used to help against her cheeks..
I might or might not have started crying when I got it, mostly because I've always been very insecure about my cheeks, and now I could finally get rid of the redness!
I find it almost impossible to believe, that in two months, my cheeks might look normal/at least fairly normal. <3

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2012-04-25, at 18:57:18

I just watched my first episode of Friends.. Can't say I enjoyed it, but hey, at least I've watched it now!

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Summertime, and the living is easy

2012-04-23, at 18:11:02

"My flowers blossomed last week, sadly you weren't here then."

Yesterday was a nice, sunny day with 14 degrees, so I took the opportunity to sit outside and do my homework. I got to see my cat running for his life, away from a dog, too.
Poor Whiskey. <3

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Project T

2012-04-21, at 21:03:43

A while ago I moved my make-up cabinet away from the radiator, so the make-up wouldn't get ruined, and that left the backside of it showing if you sit at my desk.

Not so pretty, ey?

So, now I'm covering it in tea-wrapper-thingies. :3

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Hot Problems

2012-04-20, at 14:35:09

... I agree with my friend Spruffen, my ears (and eyes) are bleeding right now..
This is a joke, right? It better be!

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I get lost in my mind

2012-04-18, at 20:50:56

Original source.

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Hesa shopping

2012-04-18, at 17:59:15

Black shirt - Monki, Guns 'N Roses top - H&M

I'm extremely happy with the content of my shopping bags. <3

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Helsinki on our minds

2012-04-17, at 21:00:39

Even though I had to get up at 05:45 today, I was pretty happy.
Our Parliament House was awesome, Kiasma was ok, and the shopping was more than great.
I'm in love with my shirts! <3
I'll show them to you tomorrow..

A nice day in Helsinki, with great company. Thanks everyone! <3

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You say you want to stay by my side, darling you head's not right.

2012-04-13, at 19:40:46

In a happy kind of mood today. :3
Plus, I've learned that my phone isn't the crappiest one out there, there are people with more problems than me.

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The road is wide open, to the heart of every man.

2012-04-12, at 22:07:21

Cleaning was made much easier by the awesome 80's music I was listening to. <3

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Long days

2012-04-12, at 17:00:01

After two hours of German, an hour of physics, a physics test, an hour of math and another hour of physics, I feel like I'm ready to die.
I still have to clean my room though, luckily my grandma was nice and bought me a Starbucks latte.
Even though I don't drink coffee..

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2012-04-08, at 02:10:14

What is this, AND WHY IS IT SO CUTE? O.O

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You were the only one for me

2012-04-07, at 14:53:25

Yesterday's facelook for dinner with my dad's side of the family, thankyou for great food and even better company! <3

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Easter Holiday

2012-04-05, at 19:55:26

After a few stressful days with an English presentation on Sherlock, a maths test and a presentation on a book I've read, I must say this plus Sherlock plus Harry Potter makes a pretty great start to the holiday. <3

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Keep Calm and Ship Cinniss

2012-04-03, at 21:16:42

Something I threw together quickly.. So true though! <3

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It's going to be a big, big, big day!

2012-04-03, at 19:25:48

This is what I'm going to wake up to every morning from now on..
I regret nothing! <3

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Everybody's waiting for you to break down

2012-04-02, at 21:01:58

Since when did I start wearing foundation and mascara only? :s
Well, I can't be bothered with anything else in the mornings anyway so, I'll just have to deal with it. And you too, since you're the ones looking at me!

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Rant about racism.

2012-04-01, at 19:19:22

Right, first of all I need you to see this article.

Now, going through the comments, especially for Cinna, I felt like throwing up and I got an obessive urge to turn someone into a ferret..

"I don't think he will be able to re-enact Cinna's calm temper and quiet personality"

"Cinna is white, sweet and loving"

"I kinda pictured Cinna as a simple and lovable looking person"

Now look at those comments above and tell me, what do you see when you look at Lenny? I see Cinna, completely. I see a simple and lovable looking person. I see someone who's perfect at re-enacting Cinna's calm temper and quiet personality. I see someone who is sweet and loving, but BLACK.
So just because you're BLACK, you can't be SWEET, LOVING, LOVABLE or CALM? That, my friends, is pure racism, and I expected more from the Hunger Games fans.

If you excuse me, I have to go and turn some people into ferrets now, and then feed them to my cat

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Naildesign: Will you meet me half way?

2012-04-01, at 19:08:54

A simple french manicure with a twist. The brown polish is a polish from MNY, but it's a bit more to the red side.

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